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Darkin has decided not to substitute doctors

the Information that in the house of the seaside governor there were searches, takes in the lead positions on all information tapes.

Informal sources in power structures have informed that on Wednesday Sergey Darkin has visited regional Office of Public Prosecutor on interrogation, and in the evening to it home there have arrived employees of FSB with the warrant on a search. As it was then found out, they have withdrawn the safe with documents which can be connected with criminal case investigation about illegal privatisation in Vladivostok the state real estate. On it passes a number of officials of regional administration (Igor Meshcherjakov, Felix Kruch and Vladimir Knizhnik) - all of them now in the Vladivostok pre-trial detention centre. One more figurant of business - the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai Yury Stepanchenko - disappears from justice in New York. According to the investigation, all this the company has caused the frauds a mullions-strong damage to the state.

- Within the limits of the given criminal case investigatory actions are spent, - have informed in Investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation (SKP). - In strict conformity with the legislation which grants the right to carry out investigatory actions within the limits of criminal case concerning any citizens, irrespective of their status and position.

And though anybody of what does not accuse (it takes place the governor on business by the witness), some known   politicians of edge connect these events with possible fast resignation of Darkina.

to the Governor now not to hearings. After a search Darkina had a heart attack, and it was hospitalised urgently in regional clinical hospital 1.

- to the Husband have diagnosed a preceding infarction status . The transferred stress has affected, and earlier it already had heart troubles, - the wife of the governor Larissa BELOBROVA has told. - Inspection has shown that is bad and with pressure. Sergey has decided to continue treatment in Moscow, and on its Friday have brought on Fast aboard the plane. I very much for it am stirred.

In the plane, according to the wife, to the governor have made a prick that it has had a sleep and has easy transferred flight. Wife Darkina also has told that her spouse has decided to be treated in capital also not to create to anybody troubles. Informal sources confirm that investigating bodies have doubted that doctors have taken out to the governor the valid diagnosis.



Boris REZNIK, the deputy of the State Duma, the expert across the Far East: to Primorski Krai will give huge money, but at first will smooth out from corruption

- In national consciousness Primorski Territory has turned for a long time to epicentre korruptsionnosti: bribes, gangsters. It occurred and at governor Nazdratenko. And at governor Darkine the situation only was aggravated. What to speak, when 8 vitse - governors are under examination, and the former mayor of Vladivostok of Nikolays is denounced for 4,5 years. The head who has admitted larceny and abusing at once of several nearest subordinates, should bear responsibility and at least has no moral right to operate region.

Especially now when to the Far East huge money has gone. Earlier we beat out pennies on roads, children`s homes, rural bolnichki. Now money has poured down the river. Till 2013 only for an infrastructure of the Far East is planned to spend 566 billion roubles. 100 billion more it is allocated to Primorski Krai for preparation of summit ATES. The huge sums! And if there will be such business atmosphere, as now money will simply plunder. And it it is impossible to admit.



And At this time

the Governor have taken away in TSKB

Yesterday there were hearings that the governor of Primorski Territory Sergey Darkin has ostensibly departed not to Moscow, and to China. We have decided this information to check up. Also have found out that the seaside governor did not fly to any Heavenly Empire. Has gone, as well as it was supposed, to Moscow. the Boeing - 763 flight 720 on which there has arrived Sergey Darkin, has landed at the airport the Sheremetyevo - 1 on Friday in 15. 27. Plane arrival already expected departmental Fast - Darkin was in a preceding infarction status, and on it have notified capital physicians.

As soon as have submitted a gangway, the medical car at once has approached on it. Physicians have helped 44 - to summer Sergey Mihajlovichu to descend, have laid it on a couch in the carriage Fast also have rushed off in the Central clinical hospital. There for the official already waited and at once have defined in one of the best chambers of cardiological branch.