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Syktyvkar Parma will take down and will construct anew

At   idle already it is a lot of years of a cinema Parma   have again appeared a special equipment and workers. Behind the green fence which has bothered to all city movement has begun, and townspeople are surprised: really a unique large cinema which besides also in the central street costs, at last - that have solved   to recover ?

already wrote that in the end of the last year at Parma there was a new owner. A distressful building to which redkostno did not carry last years,   it has been exposed on auction and it is sold to the Moscow firm of Open Company the Megaalliance . After Parma has celebrated quarter-century anniversary, it became clear: The building on all parametres has become outdated, scale reconstruction was required, and in 2001 have closed. In 2002 - m have passed it in Open Society rent Film association Syktyvkarfilm and the general director of firm Vladimir Fotiev undertook the organisation of works. He promised to transform for two years ordinary-looking a box in a modern multiplex with three cinema halls. But the enterprising tenant used millions listed on the bills of association, not to destination. In other words, was caught stealing. And autumn of last year for plunder of money it have sentenced to eight years of imprisonment.

Works on cinema reconstruction conducts Open Company Syktyvkarfilm and this time the new firm management promises to bring matters to the end. Old a box have decided to take down completely - a pier, will be cheaper new under modern requirements   to construct.      

- Here it will be trading constructed - the entertaining centre by a total area of 8 thousand square metres, - Natalia Pinegina has told to us about the new project the general director of association. - there Will be children`s attractions, cafe, sports hall, a beauty salon, bowling, a billiard room, rollingdrom, sports bar, a disco

Cinema in new to Parma   remains: there will be six cinema halls   on one thousand person with the modern equipment.

Under plans,   trading - the entertaining centre will open in December, 2009, and Parma becomes the cinema first in Syktyvkar created on the advanced technologies.