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From the new plenipotentiary in Nizhni Novgorod revolutions do not wait

In a lobby the most different versions of why Dmitry Medvedev has stopped the choice on the scout with 32 - the summer experience sounded.

- the former Minister of Justice Vladimir Ustinova have sent to supervise that region which he well knew, - political scientist Sergey Kocherov considers. - And Grigory Rapotu have translated to us, the blessing, a post of the plenipotentiary at us it has appeared vacant. Here such reshuffle!

according to the Nizhniy Novgorod political elite, with ward Rapoty outwardly a little that will change. For certain special services more actively will start to work, the new plenipotentiary has got used to lean against cooperation with which. It will toughen control over money allocated for national projects, and for many korruptsionerov there will come hard times. With affairs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Grigory Alekseevich to interfere, as well as its predecessor Konovalov, will not be, completely trusting politician Shantseva.

- the Ward of this official does not call any alarm me, - Valentine Buzmakova`s political scientist believes. - Since that moment as the president began to appoint governors, the plenipotentiary representation institute has ceased to have any real value. So such fights which were in due time between Kirienko and Khodyrev, we already precisely will not see.