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The halfback Yaroslavl SHinnika Denis BOJARINTSEV: - Even children ask, that I played for the Ruby

the Trainer SHinnika Sergey Yuran has left in this season. Hence, Bojarintsev too can leave the team, but a leah wants it it...

Began to say that the Ruby wish to catch it. With 2001 for 2004 Denis already played to the Kazan command.

is a player claimed, they will talk to the general director of club, - makes comments and. An island of the trainer SHinnika Ivan the POLE . - I think, we will try to keep.

the Trainer the Ruby Kurban Berdyev only has noticed supposedly I know nothing, time will show.

Denis does not hide that it is flattered by such attention to its person.

- While I cannot tell that will be further. Yes, it is valid in the contract at me there is a point on which after Yuran`s leaving from fast of the head coach I can leave the team, - the halfback " tells ; SHinnika Denis BOJARINTSEV . - At us the uniform mechanism.

Any player who will leave SHinnik will break this mechanism which is already debugged on gathering. While I am not going to leave anywhere. While subject conversation with a management the Ruby at me was not. Even children ask, that I have passed in the Ruby !  

The day before yesterday in Kazan the Ruby has spent last home match. The game bill was 1:1.

- We are happy with result, - Ivan Ljah speaks . - Are happy with result, first of all, but there were also errors. At us the command discipline suffers affliction, therefore have passed a goal. a ruby could not realise some our failures. One point from departure always to result well. Especially to take away it from the leader.

- the First time frankly poorly in attack have played. Probably, it is my error that has late let out Milosevic, - has commented on Kurban Berdyev. - Last minutes there was no concentration. The forthcoming break has had very opportunely. The command till May, 28th will be in holiday then at us 7 companionable matches are planned.


All conversations preliminary!

Alexander GUSEV, the president of football club the Ruby :

- We concerning Denis Bojarintseva yet do not conduct any negotiations. I have told on one of a press - conferences: if he expresses desire to play the Ruby and the basis to leave Shinnika at it is, we will consider this question. You know, the transfer window opens in the August, therefore now anyway all conversations preliminary.