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Today in Saratov will pass Night of museums

publishes the schedule of the annual project
Tonight, on May, 17th, in our city by the developed tradition the International action " will take place; Night of museums - 2008 . A third year successively it will pass in the Radishchevsky museum and its branches. And also on a new cultural platform of Saratov, in the street 2 - I Garden, 2 and in Engelssky art gallery Mylnikova. This year art dealers promise to present saratovtsam many surprises.
the program Nights of museums
the Building of the Radishchevsky museum along the street Radishcheva, 39:
collection Masterpieces. Painting, a drawing, a sculpture, it is decorative - applied art XV - the XX-th century beginnings.
17. 00 - 22. 00.
a building of the Radishchevsky museum along the street May Day, 75:
Artists of theatre of the Silver age. From meeting Sankt - the Petersburg state museum of theatrical and musical art.
Alexander Mitljansky and Valery Orlov. Painting, a drawing, objects within the limits of the project Masters of the XX-th century in the Radishchevsky museum .
Pamjati Mstislava Rostropovich. Documents, photos, autographs.
the National opening day. Thy masterpiece - to the Radishchevsky museum . the Portrait in a museum interior .
Art - a lottery
Night video:
Virtual walks on world museums
the Maestro. Mstislav Rostropovich. The video program.
Vivat, contemporary Art! Short-footage films about the modern art. Alexander Kulika`s video performance.
17. 00 - 00. 00
Musical travel . A concert of ensemble of ancient music the Trio - a sonata .
20. 00 - 21. 30.
V.E.Borisova`s Memorial estate - Musatov,
Volsky, 33:
When vesper shades " have gone down;. Artly - a poetic composition.
17. 00 - 20. 00.
a house museum of Paul Kuznetsova, October, 56:
Light of Christ`s Sunday . An exhibition. Icons, Elena Cherkasovoj and Vyacheslav Lopatin`s drawing.
17. 00 - 20. 00.
art gallery Mylnikova, Engels, Lenin`s area, 36:
the White night and white day in gallery .
Following a need of the heart . Painting, a drawing from St.-Petersburg. I draw... . Children`s drawing from fund of the Radishchevsky museum.
17. 00 - 22. 00.
a family workshop: Our drawing on an easel .
Night video:
the White night: St.-Petersburg - Engels .
the Art action   Actual art   in Saratov :
Installations, museum music, fajer - show, computer graphics, the dancing program, poetry. Street 2 - I Garden, 2 (crossing from street Chernyshevsky, factory Steklomontazh ).
17. 00 - 03. 00.