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The traffic police penalty novosibirtsy can pay on refuelling

Dream of each motorist at last - that has come true: traffic police penalties can be paid now not in banks and at all in regional GAI, and directly on refuelling while in an iron horse fuel flows.

- it is valid, improbably convenient! - has shared with Alexander`s RONINA motorist. - While young men fill my car, I pay the penalty. Still recently such could dream only.

As it was possible to find out to correspondents, electronic terminals with such service have started to establish more recently. And just in proper places to that Siberians are at the wheel inexpressibly glad. At payment it will be necessary to enter on the touch keyboard the a surname, a name and a patronymic, date of registration of the penalty, report number, contact phone and the home address. By the way, automatic machines accept only large denominations (500, 1000 and 5000 roubles), and here delivery do not give. But delivery to you will enlist on number of contact phone specified by you. So it is possible to kill at once two hares: and for phone to pay, and debts against traffic police to extinguish. And without any turns!

By the way, do not forget to take away the check: the traffic police that the penalty to you have extinguished is necessary to show it.