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Nizhegorodets has bought a driving licence through the Internet

In Prioksky district court any day consideration of unusual criminal case will begin. On a dock will sit down 26 - summer Oleg Oparin (the name is changed), bought the lime certificate of the driver by means of the World Wide Web. Have detained him on GAI fast Olgino during the most usual check of documents.

- till now I do not understand, how he hoped to drive fast with such rough fake, - the chief of branch of inquiry Prioksky ROVD tells Valery TANGRIEVA. - the forgery Printed on the jet printer on which even letters are greased by places distinguish from the present rights the layman could even.

the guy there and then have swaddled also have filed criminal charges - for use of obviously false documents. He, truth, did not begin to open and on the first interrogation has laid out all truth.

- In the middle of January at me for pjanku have selected the rights, and I have decided to get left - Oleg repented. - has found in the Internet the announcement and has written at random. To me have responded. Then on electronic mail has sent the photo and a remittance has sent twenty thousand roubles. And in a week opened a parcel with the rights.

exact the Internet - addresses where the ill-fated announcement took place, Oleg and has not remembered. And it is not sophisticated. On the first our inquiry the searcher has given out more than hundred sites which owners offer sale of a driving licence. But Oleg became the first nizhegorodtsem who has believed to schemers and has lost.

is no more than earnings on such trusting people as Oleg, - speaks the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Prioksky area Tatyana Vihareva. - The matter is that, reserving the rights through the Internet, he actually bought a pig in a poke. Besides, him simply could deceive and to send nothing.

Plus to that, complain pravoohraniteli, virtual transactions do not give possibility to catch the manufacturer of forgeries for a hand. As a result on a dock only one Oleg will sit down - it is threatened with the penalty to eight-ten thousand roubles.

- certainly, I regret that it was bought, - the guy is upset. - but the rights for me is everything, my unique earnings! How I will feed now a family?!