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Evgenie Kim: Victory Parade - tradition of our area

- Hello, Evgenie Sergeevich, the first question from . Tell, how this year in area will celebrate a Victory Day?

E. K: - We are in earnest about this feast, very quiveringly and responsibly. In due time my predecessors have engendered such tradition - not to feel sorry forces in preparation for Victory commemorating. For today of direct participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War in area - 525 persons. Our area - one of most militarised in a city. We have almost all combat arms: sea, rocket, internal troops, helicopter pilots Throughout 13 years we annually spend parade on a Victory Day. It passes so: the military technology on which we place the duplicate of a banner of Victory goes, we sit down veterans. All it with an orchestra, guests of honour the Column goes from a recreation centre it. Bitter to square through a live corridor from schoolboys with birch branches in hands. At square to Warriors - to deliverers passes meeting. For today to 10 thousand spectators gathers for meeting, despite weather. Spectators not only from our area, but also from the next areas (Dzerzhinsky, Zaeltsovsky, Central) come to look at parade. Around 14. 00 we celebrate veterans, we spend a celebratory dinner. And in 16. 00 at LDS Siberia the concert program devoted to a Victory Day begins. There will be a traditional salute in the evening.

the Pine pine forest will not cut

- Evgenie Sergeevich, good afternoon. Tell, how area traffic intersections will develop further? For motorists it is very important

E. K: - the city of Novosibirsk has a General plan of development till 2030, all stages there are painted. Last year have begun and have almost finished building of street Krauze with an exit on Mochishchensky highway that gives the chance to inhabitants 4, 5, 6 - go microdistricts, Northern settlement without risk to get to a stopper to reach to the centre or to appear at home, passing street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy. This year building of street from the Red prospectus on a broad gull to zhilmassivu " has begun; Lebedevsky . And we plan that this road will join Association street.

For today that the situation under the transport admission on our roads has improved, the rather big volume of major repairs of roads is planned: it is street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy around an industrial zone, behind Association street. This year reconstruction and major repairs in the street Pisemsky will be finished. Major repairs in the street will be made by Rassvetnoj, Alexander Nevsky`s street from the Teacher`s room to Theatrical will be partially capitally repaired. Much to our regret, on Alexander Nevsky`s all street we did not have not enough means.

the site from street National to Oleko Dundicha along the street 25 years of October partially capitally will be repaired. Very much I hope that we will have time to spend all these works this year, after all thanks to it we plan to unload streets Bogdna Khmelnitskiy, Wood Under the General layout of development of Novosibirsk through our area will pass three high-speed highways which will give the chance to inhabitants to reach absolutely easily and easy in Pashino and back in the centre.

Also there is the big problem a presence of railway crossings in city boundaries. One document together with the railway has been signed any more to reduce to a minimum all maneuvers connected with overlapping proezzhej of a part by barriers in the afternoon with 8. 00 and to 21. 00. Now, for example, we carry on negotiations that with street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy to clean a railway crossing.

- Hello, my name is Vladimir. Behind club Rest long time there was a hockey box which was used and as a soccer field, each interested person could come and play in football. A leah it will restore? And more a question: a leah will start to build houses on a pine forest place?

E. K: - the athletic field because on its place are going to build other objects Has disappeared. It has turned out so that the hockey box will disturb to this building. We actively develop sports in area, from the beginning of 2002 have restored in court yard of 14 hockey boxes. Have restored are means anew have constructed, because in 1990 all of them have been destroyed. And today are in demand at inhabitants of area. Particularly on a hockey box: it have passed rural children.
we in area have such objects, as the Ice palace of sports, pool the Neptune sport centre The north But thus we do not have not enough sports constructions! Now in the mayoralty the program on building of sports covered platforms of three types is developed: the covered multipurpose platform, the covered pool, a covered hockey box with artificial ice. For today we consider five or six platforms in territory of our area. The main thing that they have been approached to apartment houses. I think that this program will start to work, and by 2015 we will hand over all these objects.

On your question concerning building in a wood zone: anything with a pine pine forest does not happen, cuttings down will not be made. The only thing: in the beginning of 2002 the earth has been taken away under building of the one-access house. There there was a weight of any checks of the law enforcement bodies, supervising bodies All was as it should be, besides, we have convinced this builder that this year it should make square reconstruction the Pine pine forest .

When will earn fountains?

- My name is Elena Olegovna Petrosyan, hello! I live in the house 3 along the street Oleko Dundicha. Why at us in area all vacation spots have been liquidated? A leah gradually began to close fountains and to clean benches Are going to improve vacation spots? And more - a leah will do transitions on our street?

E. K: - the Season of work of fountains in Novosibirsk is not opened yet. Last year we by means of the involved means have restored a fountain at a recreation centre it. Bitter. It will work. The same as also a fountain at the Neptune . Concerning benches: at a recreation centre it. Bitter they will stand. As to the top square, it more a delicate question - there we have cleaned seats at a monument at the desire of Council of veterans. I will look at the transitive bridge at Oleko Dundicha: that there have made for a ramp and why the carriage is not located. If it is valid so - we will expand it. And transition along the street National from the bridge from school 26 to shop the Birdie for today it is equipped by the lying policeman, the sign " there is established; the Pedestrian crossing . A special traffic light we will not put are it is illogical.

- Good afternoon. I Sergey Sudoplatov, the inhabitant of Kalininsky area. Me parkings in 28 - m quarter of our area, around Teacher`s room street interest. A leah will be increased that parking, what at us already is?

E. K: - In our area is under construction - and this year, I hope, we will put it in operation - a many-tier parking on Plehanovsky zhilmassive. Same year building of a two-story parking behind sport centre " will begin; elektron . Concerning your quarter I can tell nothing, because all parking of motor transport are under construction not at the expense of budgetary funds, and at the expense of investors. While offers on your quarter are not present.

- Evgenie Sergeevich, hello! My name is Yury Konstantinovich Gavrilov. In the street Ural, 27, last year have made roof repair, have dumped old slate in a court yard and months eight - nine anybody does not clean it. A leah measures will be taken?

E. To .: - We will necessarily take measures. Court yard in area should be pure and be used as vacation spot, instead of storages of building materials.

- Hello! My name is Sergey Vladimirovich Avdeev. My grandmother, Antonina Maksimovna Dokukina, 1924 year of birth, - the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, an invalid member of a family of the died participant of war, the veteran of work. So it has turned out that it has moved from village and lives at us. At it is not present either apartments, nor possibilities it to get. She has written the application that whenever possible to it have allocated a site for area territories. Can give?

E. To .: - In the presence of the certificate of the participant of the Second World War we will try to help and give to you a site.