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Moscow took in pincers

... At capital Institute of a name Sklifosovsky - a work involving all hands.
- Only for two days - on May, 4th and 5 - to us than hundreds (!) were converted more The person, the pincers which have suffered from stings, - physicians are amazed. - if is more exact, fourth we have accepted 97 persons, and the fifth only till a dinner - 25. Muscovites who had a rest in the Tver, Yaroslavl and Vladimirskiy areas, and also inhabitants of Zelenograd, a Krasnogorsk, Orehovo - Zueva are converted.
According to physicians, at some patients of pincers it was necessary to take directly in clinic. Someone has consulted itself, in house conditions, but also the help was necessary for them.
Experts of Sklifa explain: treatment for all bitten one - an inoculation. It do once - and immunity is for ever developed. All victim intramuscularly have entered an antibody. And after an inoculation have released on houses.
- By order of Department of public health services we do an inoculation if the patient has suffered in endemichnom on kleshchevomu entsefalitu area (that is there where are found entsefalitnye pincers. - Red.) - the manager explains. A reception of Institute of a name Sklifosovsky Sergey of JOINERS. - on a broader scale if the person was bitten by the tick, first of all it is necessary to be converted into polyclinic or in regional fracture clinic. There the tick will remove and will solve, the inoculation is shown or not. In case it is necessary (that is was danger to pick up entsefalit), write out a direction. The adult - in our institute, and to children - in Filatovsky hospital. But it is important to know: the inoculation will help, only if from the moment of a sting has passed no more than 96 hours (four days). If to be converted later, the inoculation is senseless. It is necessary to hope only that the tick was not infected. If the person all - taki has picked up an infection, in treatment is engaged infektsionist. By the way, except entsefalita, from pincers it is possible to catch and illness Lima, or borreliozom. From it inoculations are not present. In case of occurrence of temperature, a pain in a head, muscles and joints it is necessary to be converted at once to the doctor - infektsionistu.
As feasts in the heat and summer not far off, we remind you some rules of safe rest.
These kusachih parasites in the nature exists more than 40 000 versions. But the most dangerous to the person - entsefalitnyj the tick. He traps extraction on branches, in a grass (especially on edges, in ravines and along footpaths). Having stuck, the tick starts to allocate in formed ranku a saliva in which the weight of biologically active substances contains. One of them anaesthetise ranku, others destroy walls of blood vessels and surrounding fabrics, the third stifle immune reactions of an organism.
HOW to be saved FROM the MISFORTUNE?
the Most reliable protection against a parasite - besides an inoculation. It is necessary to do it in advance (in usual district clinic) if plan a trip to dangerous area. Had not time if to take root, it is possible to be smeared at least with means from pincers (the list of preparations see in number from April, 29th).
Special attention - clothes. It should be whenever possible light (on such pincers it is visible is better), with long sleeves. Trousers it is better to fill in socks (not that that very aesthetically, but the enemy will not slip). On a head - an almuce or any headdress. It is necessary to examine clothes each 15 minutes, - too. Parasites especially love those parts of a body where the skin is more thin: a neck, armpits, auricles, groin area. If has not carried also the tick all - taki has got on a skin, at all do not press it is through mikrotreshchinki on hands it is possible to pick up an infection from a parasite.
independently to take the tick, it is possible to grease a place of a sting with vegetable oil. A parasite, choking under the formed film, itself will get out from ranki. Besides, the insect can be grasped in an eyelet from a thread and carefully to extend outside.

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