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Novosibirsk dancers “ otozhgli “ on - full

While novosibirtsy had a rest on May feasts in wood with shashlychkami, in a sports complex “ the North “ grandiose dancing ball has taken place. Dancers have gathered in a city from 30 cities of Russia to show the skill. One dancing pair krashe another: a harmonous bearing, abundant of spangles and a paste. At the uninitiated spectator at the sight of such beauty it could is simple - naprosto to become bad with heart. We, for example, long could not cease to admire konkursantami.

is a normal reaction, - the participant of the Cup of the governor has assured us (so still name tournament. - a comment red .) Elena. - we long work not only over dance, but also over dresses. Happens that the dress choice leaves almost on the foreground. All should be thought over: degree of an openness of the dress, a material, colour and etc. After all partners should be in harmony among themselves. Expression “ meet on odezhke “ in our sports is of great importance. After all thy pair should draw attention of the judge that it has then put a high point.

Siberians are able to light!
a photo: Alexey IGNATOVICH

By the way, about judges. As the Cup of the governor enters into a world rating on sports dances, to Novosibirsk there have arrived judges of high qualification from other countries: Czechia, Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Estonia. By the way, in the same place this very day have passed two more competitions: Superiority of the Siberian federal district among youth (16 - 18 years) under the European and Latin American programs and the Cup of regional ΡΤΞ commands. In these competitions by prize-winners of a steel novosibirtsy.

On a parquet serious passions boiled.
a photo: Alexey IGNATOVICH