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Criminal case upon Dmitry Sugreja`s destruction and have not raised

we Will remind that the young man has been found dead, lying headfirst at an entrance of another`s house (read for February, 2nd, 2007 and for September, 18th, 2007). And under rather strange circumstances: Dmitry lay on steps on the ground floor, in dirty clothes, with the hands put for a back.

in the conclusion it is judicial - the medical expert the cause of death is specified: the general overcooling of an organism. Then the Office of Public Prosecutor has not considered necessary, despite a strange pose of Dimy, to carry out the analysis on drugs.

- From September till November, 2007 we looked forward to hearing from the State Office of Public Prosecutor, - Dmitry Anatoly Sugrej`s father sighs. - As it was found out, the answer from capital has come in October, but to us only in the end of December have informed results - there, it appears, agree with conclusions of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, to us till now is not clear, how the son could appear in unfamiliar area at an entrance of another`s house. It seems to us that the State Office of Public Prosecutor based the answer on the conclusion of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tver region.

In seven months after destruction of Dimy the cause of death has been changed. In   the certificate of additional research it is told that the reason could become an aggravation of chronic disease of heart in time, preceding death . In the same certificate it is said that Dima was converted into a cardiological clinic on January, 26th, 2007. It, at least, strange, after all the young man have buried in November, two months prior to the named date.

- Already it is enough of one it to appeal against against all refusals in business excitation, - the uneasy father continues.

But the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Moscow area nevertheless has raised one criminal case. In day of death at Dimy have stolen a mobile phone. Investigation proceeds the second year. But the consequence has given an unambiguous answer - communications between plunder of phone and death of the young man it is not revealed. Parents have listings of entering calls of that fatal day. First the cellular operator serving phone, refused to give out it.
- we have got this information for the big money, - has shared with Anatoly Sugrej, - and have passed all in Office of Public Prosecutor. But results any.

Still one year ago parents of the victim assumed that the corpse of their son has been identified and investigated as the unknown person. Last answer from regional bureau it is judicial - medical examination confirms this assumption. Dimu opened as the unknown person though parents have identified it at once.

- What here to speak, - Anatoly Sugrej continues. - From here, probably, also the train of errors and corrections in the research certificate was pulled. Till now many witnesses are not interrogated. And the person who saw Dimu the last, has been interrogated only on   The fiftieth day after his death.

In connection with the edition reference in area Office of Public Prosecutor materials of check upon Dmitry`s death from Office of Public Prosecutor of Proletarian area for additional research have been obtained on demand.