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For work for the city blessing

this year Novosibirsk marks the 115 - letie. Names of thousand its inhabitants are entered in city history. Scientists, builders, teachers, businessmen, a leah actors value a trade, so far as concerns love and fidelity to capital of Siberia passed from generation to generation Has?!

For work for the city blessing - such Medal will award now townspeople who day by day, year from a year created and continue to create a name, glory, well-being of Novosibirsk. One of these days the memorable award has been handed over its first owners. Medal the head of City drama theatre Sergey Afanasev, the national actress of Russia Tatyana Vorozhtsova

Academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Yury Borodin and Vlail of Treasurers are awarded 36 known novosibirtsev in which number academicians of Vlail of Treasurers and Yury Borodin, quadruple Olympic champion Stanislav Pozdnyakov, the director of the Novosibirsk zoo of Rostislav Sewed. Still a photo.

- Today in a hall people who have brought the contribution to development of our city at the most different stages of its formation have gathered, - Vladimir GORODETSKY, the mayor of Novosibirsk has noted. - people of the most different age, different trades Here have gathered. But all of them have made much that the capital of Siberia became such it what we we see now.

invited the history - the life connected with a science, pedagogics, art, sports

- sixty years I work For everyone in one educational institution, - Jacob ROZENFELD managing stand of physical training of a grammar school 10, merited trainer of the Russian Federation, the merited teacher of the Russian Federation tells. - when to me was twenty years, has come to work to this school and so has developed that all my life is connected with it. In this time I have let out more than sixty masters of sports, champions of Russia, the world, prize-winners of the Olympic games. Among my pupils - Valery Ilinyh, the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Mexico City on sports gymnastics, brothers Dubinins - champions of Europe on a speedway.

Among honourable townsmen and mum of the big family Love Pluchevsky. By the way, these days in their foster home having many children again addition - a six-year daughter.

Vladimir Gorodetsky hands over the Medal and flowers of mother Ljubovi having many children Pluchevsky. Still a photo.

- At us 36 children, including students, - the Love PLUCHEVSKY tells. - the Most younger only three years. Seniors already finish higher educational institutions of a city. Certainly, it is pleasant to receive such award. It is good stimulus to work further, to nurture children. I consider that it is the real feast what should be more.

Each of the awarded has brought the contribution to development of Novosibirsk. Here student teaching intertwines with discoveries, achievements in sport - with work at the unique enterprises, performances on a theatrical stage of our city and is far behind its limits.

- I am engaged many years in city history studying, - Ivan TSYPLAKOV, the candidate of historical sciences tells. - thanks to my work the legend that Nikolay II visited Novonikolaevsk has been discredited, the encyclopaedia of streets of Novosibirsk and many other things is written. Now I work over the new interesting project, but to speak about it while early.

the work, opening and achievements townspeople make history, entering the names in annals of a native city.

- I was born in Novosibirsk in days of the Great Patriotic War, together with a city endured heavy the ninetieth, - Valery KULESHOV, the director of institute of economy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science tells. - But today the city puts before itself absolutely other problems for which decision well thought over documents are necessary. The strategic plan for development of a city became one of them. Despite scale of the project and difficult mechanisms of its realisation, its simple inhabitants of our city realise. This year to Novosibirsk 115 years are executed, not so long ago the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences has celebrated the 50 - letie. All these years the city grew the academic science, and the science cannot exist without the powerful intellectual environment which is created in Novosibirsk.

the First owners of a medal For work for the city blessing

Yury Ivanovich
the Honourable townsman

Ivan Ivanovich
the Honourable townsman

Ivan Ilich
the Honourable townsman, Hero Sotsialistiche - skogo Work

Vlail Petrovich
the Honourable townsman

Alexander Sergeevich
the Honourable townsman

Rostislav Aleksandrovich
the Honourable townsman

Albert Aleksandrovich
the general director of open joint-stock company Sibmost

Anatoly Dmitrievich
the head of department of internal affairs of Dzerzhinsky area of Novosibirsk

Vladimir Ilich
the chairman of the council of microdistrict TOS Russia

Leonid Ivanovich
the Director of limited liability company Power installation

Stanislav Alekseevich
the deputy of Novosibirsk country council of deputies

Tatyana Aleksandrovna
the soloist of Novosibirsk state academic opera and ballet theatre, the national actress Russian Federations

Julia Alekseevna
the Deputy director on uchebno - educational work of municipal educational institution of a grammar school 12, the winner of city competition the Teacher of year - 2006

Alexander Gavrilovich
the Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise of Novosibirsk mechanical factory the Spark

Alexander Leonidovich
the Director of institute of physics of semiconductors of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the academician, a member of Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the doctor fiziko - mathematical sciences

Vadim Stanislavovich
the Director of limited liability company Siberia - the Press

Alexey Jurevich
the Director of a society with limited otvetstven - nostju Diskus Plus

Jeanne Vladimirovna
the Teacher of English language MOU the Second Novosibirsk Grammar school

Sergey Vladimirovich
the Director of institute of thermophysics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

Sergey Nikolaevich
the Rector of regional state educational institution of the higher vocational training Novosibirsk state theatrical institute The art director of municipal authority of culture Novosibirsk city drama theatre under the direction of S.Afanaseva

Elena Petrovna
the Director of municipal educational institution for children - orphans and children without parental support, children`s home 12

Valentina Vasilevna
the Teacher of initial classes of municipal educational institution of a grammar school 10, the merited teacher of the Russian Federation

Sergey Vladimirovich
the Driver of shunting works of the municipal state enterprise of a city of Novosibirsk Gorelektrotransport

the Blizzard Arnold Jakovlevich
the Veteran of work, the honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation, in the past - the author and the leader of a radio program the Press - Alexander Metelitsy`s studio

Anatoly Pavlovich
the Doctor of GBUZ NSO The state regional Novosibirsk tubercular hospital branch Specialized surgical tubercular hospital the doctor of medical sciences

Ivan Fedorovich
the Veteran of work, in the past the assistant predse - datelja Novosibirsk regional executive committee. The regional specialist. The candidate of historical sciences, the researcher of history of Novosibirsk

Valery Vladimirovich
the Director of Institute of economy and the organisation of industrial production of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the academician, the Doctor of Economics, the professor

Jacob Romanovich
the Teacher of physical training MOU of the Grammar school 10, the merited teacher of school of RSFSR, the merited trainer of RSFSR

Vladimir Anatolevich
the Former chairman of regional executive committee

Michael Stepanovich
the Former secretary of a city town committee of the CPSU

George Vasilevich
the Veteran of the mayoralty

Vladimir Pavlovich
the Veteran of the mayoralty

Semchenko Oleg Ivanovich
the General director of Open Company the Plane

Pluchevsky Ljubov Nikolaevna
the Chairman of the council of foster homes of the Novosibirsk region, the winner of the award of fund the Honourable citizen of Fatherland In a nomination the State and a society

Orishich Anatoly Mitrofanovich
the Deputy director on scientific work of Institute of theoretical and applied mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

Shershneva Alla Georgievna
the Director of a recreation centre Progress