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How competently to communicate with Novosibirsk GAI officers

Recently we wrote how to behave with police officers if you are pure before the law ( the Keystone to success at a meeting with the militiaman: do not anger, be not afraid, do not pay! ) . This publication is devoted relations of employees of traffic police and drivers. How competently to conduct with sovereigns of striped sticks, have told in a press - service of traffic police of the Russian Federation.

Has seen the lifted staff - stop

relations with GAI officers Begin is banal - from a staff wave. You are obliged to stop. Certainly, formally stop without cause not can. In Oracle on work dorozhno - patrol service the following is specified:

infringement of traffic regulations;
presence at the inspector of the data about participation in fulfilment   the driver of the given car   road accident, offences or crimes (usually in such cases orientations are dispatched);
the announcement of the similar car in search, the information about its illegal   use;
necessity of poll of eyewitnesses about circumstances of road accident, an offence or a crime;
performance of decisions of state bodies or officials about restriction, movement prohibition;
necessity of attraction of the driver or the car for rendering assistance to citizens or police officers;
check of documents on the right of use and managements of a car, documents on the car and transported cargo (on stationary fasts, and also   in carrying out spetsmeroprijaty).

Then that almost any situation can be adjusted to one of points. Do not tempt destiny, stop. For disobedience you can fine (200 - 500 roubles). Or is even worse - to begin a pursuit and to use the weapon.

Where to talk: in salon or in the street?

At first as civilised people, the inspector and the driver get acquainted. From the inspector this sacramental looks so: having taken a hand in a headdress, he is obliged to name   a post, a rank and a surname to inform on the stop reason. On request of the driver is obliged to show and   the certificate.

After that the driver should show to the inspector the driving licence. We will remind, communicating with employees of other divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the citizen is not obliged to give documents checking in hands, especially the passport, it is enough to show of it in the opened kind. With the inspector all more religiously: the driver is obliged to pass it in hands the documents specified in traffic regulations.

And here to leave the car thus unessentially. While employees of traffic police make the report, can sit in   to the car. To ask can leave in following cases:

for elimination of technical malfunction of a car or at infringement of rules of transportation of cargoes;
when there are serious suspicions that the driver is drunk;
for verification of numbers of units of the car (the engine and a body);
for car and cargo examination;
the driver, passengers suspect of commission of crime;
participation of the driver in registration of necessary documents or in rendering assistance is required.

Besides under last point   it is possible to bring almost any situation. So   leave.

Sometimes GAI officers go too far. But also drivers not the sacred.   to some it is necessary to apply   non-standard measures: very drunk and consequently the violent driver from Serpukhov situated near Moscow should be chained handcuffs to a column...
a photo:   PHOTOXPRESS

And well dyhni!

the Corner stone in relations of inspectors of traffic police and drivers - medical survey passage on a drunken state. It is impossible to refuse! Otherwise responsibility same, as well as for a finding in a drunken state - deprivation of the rights for the term from 1,5 till 2 years.

Here there are openings for an arbitrariness. For example, the inspector has stopped the colleague, when that carried the wife in maternity home. Having estimated a situation, to the future father have exposed a price: 2 thousand roubles - also can go further to a stork or the next three hours should be spent on survey, and the young woman let calls Fast or goes to maternity home by a tram. It was necessary to pay.

the Second popular way otema money - to arrange an ambush on alcoholics at night on entrances to the airports. The driver hurries to flight, and to it to give money easier, than to be late.

to Struggle with it it is possible. Also it is necessary!   If you carry the passenger in hospital, it is possible to refuse survey, having referred that operate in an emergency status (item 2. 7 KoAP of the Russian Federation). But in this case business all the same will reach court on which it will be necessary to bring the inquiry from an accident ward, confirming emergency . You for certain will justify. All it easy explain to the employee of traffic police thirsting money. The probability is great that he will decide not to communicate with you.

Still a variant (if you are sober!) : Accurately and easy explain to the employee that:

you are absolutely sober, and examination will confirm it;
a bribe will not give;
if the inspector will enter arrangement to the doctor - the expert, you will pass an independent expert appraisal. With the conclusion of physicians you will go to court and will achieve compensation of moral harm, expenses for examination and the missed benefit (if, for example, you went to business trip and from - for the inspector were late for flight).

Whenever possible write down conversation on a dictophone, having warned about it the inspector.
chances that the bribe taker will communicate with too clever money from which all the same not to receive, and on courts will wear out, small.

By the way, since July, 1st employees of traffic police can spend again on a place primary   survey on a drunken state. Will return tubules (now only in the form of the certificated devices), to breathe in which will be directly possible on road. And only if the driver does not agree with results or refuses dyhnut it will bring to the expert in narcology. There is a legal collision: under the law the unique document, which driver can demand from the inspector, - its business card. To be interested   at it the certificate on a tubule you cannot. And here to track, that in   the report correctly   have specified model tubules referring to its certificate, - quite!

What for we disappear?

One more a black hole in which money of legally illiterate drivers, - toning of glasses takes off.   many are conducted on statements: And at you toning is overestimated, now we will bring on check, there all will record, will remove numbers and   will send your swallow on spetsstojanku . The penalty for this wrongdoing, of course, is, but not fatal - the prevention or the penalty of 100 roubles (p.1 item 12. 5 KoAP of the Russian Federation).

Well and at strong toning it is impossible to pass checkup. Measure toning only on stationary fasts with participation of state inspectors of technical supervision. Anybody on a roadside, even by means of the superartful device (usually it is the scanner what use in supermarkets, - a pure arbitrariness, a theatrical requisite of bribe takers in the epaulets, calculated on gawks), has no the right to estimate, a leah keeps within zatenennost your glasses specifications   (it is two STATE THAT: 5727 - 88 Glass safe for ground transport. The general specifications and 51709 - 2001). In them it is noticed that limiting throughput   light ability   for wind (front) glasses should be not less than 75 %, forward lateral glasses   - not less than 70 %. Toning of other glasses is not normalised.

And where the rights?

Drivers to a shiver in knees are afraid to forget the rights. About the sizes of compensation improbable hearings in that case go. In practice under the law responsibility such:

the prevention or the penalty of 100 roubles (p.1 item 12. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation). But thus the car is late and located on spetsstojanku before elimination of the reason of detention (that is while the driver will not bring the driver`s licence or will not result other driver who can operate its car on the lawful bases). These additional efforts to the forgetful driver are guaranteed p.1 by item 27. 13 KoAP of the Russian Federation.

That we carry?

One more driver`s nightmare - car examination. Among drivers legends go that GAI officers have a plan on to sticks - for a month it is necessary to detain certain number of drug dealers. For this purpose drugs simply throw, choosing in a victim of drivers of an intelligent kind, by expensive cars. From them is what to receive, suggesting to hush up business.

Remember that examination is spent in the presence of two understood which then subscribe in the report on vehicle examination.

it is important: demand, that the understood have found at you, instead of waited with the with which, probably, have already agreed. By the way, can stop and to ask the driver to be understood at survey. Do not refuse: the earth round, the done good will return. Probably, you, in turn, should count same understood from among usual drivers. Necessarily demand, that to you have given out a copy of the report on examination. A leah

It is possible to disperse on a place?

Sometimes the inspector suggests to disperse on a place. Thus in its fair eyes there is no also a hint on a bribe. To the infringer show any receipts which there and then and are filled. There the real sum of the penalty is entered. Here only to pay this receipt careful The inspector promises itself, well that   the driver did not toil in turn in the Savings Bank. And to the inspector all the same on the way, at it such receipts - a pack. For reliability before a nose of the infringer can really wave weighty   a bale of the filled forms. Many joyfully agree. And in vain! These receipts lime, printed on the copier. And the GAI officer will not go to any Savings Bank: the penalty will settle in its pocket. To distinguish such careful easily: they give out to the driver only a copy of the false receipt, and about the decision - the receipt   or the decision on the case of an administrative offence forget . By rules on these forgotten documents bank details for which the penalty is paid should be specified. It becomes exclusively in bank, instead of on a line.


Where to call if becomes ripe the conflict to the inspector?

- traffic police NSO Telephone hotline - (383 220 - 62 - 95
- Operative on duty Novosibirsk - 002
- the Operative person on duty across the Novosibirsk region - (383 220 - 70 - 77


the List of documents which the driver should have at itself and pass for check to inspectors of traffic police, it is written down in traffic regulations:

the driver`s licence (or the time permission);
the certificate on vehicle check in;
the coupon about checkup passage;
the power of attorney (at driving for lack of the owner);
policy OSAGO.

More any documents employees of traffic police to demand have no right. Except the passport - the GAI officer the same employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as any militiaman and consequently can ask to show it.  

In the separate cases discussed by the law drivers (engaged in commercial office transportations) should have travelling sheet, a licence card and documents on cargo. They   also are shown to the inspector.