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In Berdsk thieves of schoolgirls

berdskaja militia are arrested Several months ago has risen on ears from an unknown case. To operas the woman who asserted was converted that it 16 - summer daughter Tanju have stolen.

- the Schoolgirl was from area village, - the senior inspector of Iskitimsky interdistrict investigatory department of investigatory committee Alexey SALDZHANOV has told. - She as - that has got acquainted with the guy. This very day the young man has offered it walk across Berdsk, and the girl has agreed

Since then the girl saw nobody. A month later Tanja has come back home, from a threshold she has declared to mother that has run away from a certain brothel which was in Berdsk.

As it was possible to establish to a consequence, such rural little girls as Tanja, in a brothel was full. Them also abducted, brought from villages to Berdsk by the car, then locked in apartment which, by the way, was directly in the small town centre.

- Girls forced to be engaged in prostitution. For runaway or refusal to go to the next client of girls cruelly beat. When we have appeared suddenly in a brothel, have found in cars which carried captives on to points baseball bits - them beat girls, - Alexey Saldzhanov speaks. - two local guys from Berdsk 24 - have appeared 25 years Organizers of a brothel. Both anywhere did not work, were already earlier sudimy.

the Brothel have closed, slaves have released, but its owners have disappeared. And until recently it was not possible to find them.

- the Militia long tried to leave on a trace of criminals, - Alexey Saldzhanov speaks. - to Them time and again sent summonses with the request to be in Office of Public Prosecutor. Here one of these days they also were. The fault, certainly, deny. Concerning these guys criminal case under four articles is already brought at once: kidnapping by a group of persons illegal deduction Involving in employment by prostitution with application of threats and violence and the brothel organisation .

In total for the exploits souteneurs can receive 15 years of imprisonment.