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In Khabarovsk territory for the gone children search a week

In all settlements of Komsomol and Ulchsky areas, roadside snackbars, autorefuellings and GAI fasts orientations to gone children from settlement Berry are stuck. On a line conducting to port De - Castries, is checked each car. While all is ineffectual. We will remind that three boys 8, 9 and 13 years one week ago have left the house to walk and have not returned. On Egor Tatarintseva, Matveja Dyachenko`s searches and Sashi Karepanova all population, militia, rescuers of Komsomol area has risen. Vicinities of taiga settlement have been combed up and down literally. Hooks have rummaged around reservoirs. After one and a half days of searches and alarms has appeared though any encouraging message - the three boys similar under descriptions, saw in settlement Tsimmermanovka. Parents of the gone children There have urgently left.

- Them has identified on photos the seller from local cafe, - tells Polina DYACHENKO, mum of nine-year Matveja. And more she has remembered that one of boys had a birthmark on a cheek - exactly - in exactly, as at my son. If still the seller has given the alarm, would detain them... After all they have stayed in Tsimmermanovke some hours while again where - that have not disappeared. Though as Matvej could dare to leave so far, to wander on taiga roads - I do not represent. Always, as soon as started to get dark, the child there and then ran home - knew that I worry and I will swear, if he is late. And now he is out a week...

As soon as it became clear that boys are live - are healthy, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have stopped the part of searches. On traces of fugitives now there is a militia and traffic police.

- But all of us equally hold a situation on control and are ready to be connected at any moment again, - Vladimir DOSALIEV, the deputy chief of Komsomol department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures speaks. - now field investigators and divisionals fulfil some versions. One of them - boys dvizhutsja to Tatar strait. Judging by that they bought in Tsimmermanovke meal and equipment for fishing, money is available for them. That is, for travel prepared. Though and to confirm it for hundred percent it is impossible. Children after all not begunki characterise them positively.

- Younger children has obviously lined on exploits senior, thirteen-year Sasha, - Lyudmila TATAROVA, teacher Matveja and Egor considers. - but hardly he imagined all danger of such travel. At us here around a taiga, distances between settlements huge, on foot not to reach. The further you move on the north, the colder. At night till now frosts. All of us pray and hope that the misfortune will avoid our boys and they will be in the nearest future.

Our inquiry

From settlement Berry:

to Tsimmermanovki - about 90 km

to Komsomolska - on - the Cupid - about 200 km

to port De - Castries - about 300 km

Weather in Komsomol area:

Within days a rain, times snow

the Wind - northern

Temperature - in the afternoon to plus of 5 degrees

at Night - a zero - a minus two.