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At the Khabarovsk soldiers now a new front hit

Sergeant Igor Dorofeyev who ministers in a radar-tracking company near Khabarovsk, has composed a new front song. Because neighbouring inhabitants laughed at the old. Still! The most popular soldier`s front Through two, in two winters - y... became irrelevant. To minister - that now will be only on a year! But this march is sung still by fighters today. Go on review - sing, go to a dining room - again sing. It would Seem, - you will think! valenoks - are not filed, starenki... too sing, though the youth already and does not know, what is this footwear such. Only Valenoks - a melody not applied, anybody under it on appointments does not run.

command DVO has seriously concerned a question about new the front also. A song which was composed by the sergeant of involuntary service, the vice-commander of Far East association of the Air Forces and air defence has heard. Also has confirmed. Motive vigorous, mid-flight. But in modern processing. The working name of a song - to you has carried . Product too was pleasant to soldiers. So unanimity of fighters and fathers - commanders is available.

Now the new hit about involuntary service in Armed forces has received a start in life.

the Presentation of a front song is planned for May, 9th.