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In Khakassia the militia and the Republic Khakassia Ministry of Emergency Measures have stolen the eight-year boy

All May Day feasts searched gone 8 - the summer boy.   even in the afternoon on April, 29th Vanja Seligeev walked with children on native village Kujbyshevo, but by a supper and has not returned. In the evening parents of Vani have sounded the alarm. At first for the child searched all village: local residents combed the thrown constructions, suburbs, but is ineffectual.   next day mum was converted behind the help into militia.

- We fulfilled set of versions. Thought, the child has sunk in small river to the Inlay that near to village. Rescuers prosherstili it up and down, but have not found a body, - the public prosecutor of Bejsky area on Republic Khakassia Aleksej Milshin speaks. -   on May, 3rd have filed criminal charges on point d ch. 2 items 126 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the kidnapping made concerning obviously minor ) .   the child most likely Will lose the way could not, there simply there is no place - wood far. Besides has sat down there small - all about thousand persons. Inhabitants each other know all, but anybody from them the boy since evening did not see.

the Militia has checked up and before offenders of inhabitants of village, and all relatives of Vani. Some after such check... Were converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with complaints that from them beat out a recognition literally. Such rigid methods of search of thieves of the boy are connected not only that the case is almost unique for Khakassia, but also with recent events in Krasnoyarsk.

- Perhaps, it from - for affairs with Polinoj Malkovoj, - reflects Alexey Leonidovich.

we Will remind, for the murderer 5 - the summer girl searched for year on all country, and have found near to the house of a victim - he lived in the neighbourhood. The militia checked its one of the first, but to expose the maniac at once it was not possible.  


it is concrete

Signs of the child

Ivan Mihajlovich Seligeev, 15. 12. 1999 year of birth.

Signs: By sight - 8 - 9 years, growth - 110 and #8213; 120 sm, a thin constitution, mongoloidnyj a face type, the person oval, a hairstyle short.

Has been dressed:   a cap black, the coat is dark - dark blue with an astrakhan collar, the body stockings sports are dark - dark blue, krossovki is dark - dark blue with white strips, a jacket darkly - dark blue.

Special signs:   the chicken chest (wheel), a scar along a backbone in length 7 see

That who saw the boy, the request to call by phones: (39044 3 - 11 - 72, 3 - 15 - 90.