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In Krasnoyarsk will appear 20 new street hours

it becomes fast Krasnoyarsk from a city of fountains a city of hours. Electronic and mechanical friends of the person this summer on city streets becomes more.

- We will establish in the centre on 10 bilaterial and 10 quadrilateral hours, - Lyudmila Aleksandrova has told the chief of department of management of objects of an external accomplishment of department of municipal economy. - the New watch - a copy Krasnoyarsk Big Bena we will put them instead of last year`s, which with round dials. I can not yet is exact to name all places where they will appear. The matter is that the list was confirmed yet by mayor Peter Pimashkov. One of these days it will return from Moscow, will study the document, will introduce the corrective amendments. But one brand new hours have already appeared about regional administration, and Krasnoyarsk citizens can look at them there.

On a question, a leah have deteriorated last year`s Hours also that with them on a broader scale are going to do, in municipal economy department have responded:

- Yes that it will be, to hours - that? All work, simply we have decided to rearrange old hours on city suburbs. Understand, the centre is a card of Krasnoyarsk, there tourists walk. And a new watch - very beautiful, firm - the manufacturer on a broader scale says that they never will break, very qualitative, - Lyudmila Aleksandrova has explained.

Experts of firm - the manufacturer, Open Company company KrasTEK have told that one such watch is estimated in hundred thousand roubles (they such expensive, because at them the whole four clockworks. Plus hours will be constantly verified with the companion, and each hour the design strums a hymn of Krasnoyarsk). But money for them took not from the city budget, and have asked for sponsors.