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Why forces to hand over blood?

- Hello! I want, that to me have explained the following situation: to the relative have appointed operation. However before it doctors almost have not demanded to bring the inquiry that blood for such - that the patient was handed over by three persons. I have first thought that blood is required during operation, but, on the other hand, to us have told - the group can be any. What for all it?

Irina, Krasnoyarsk.

- the Law in which it would clearly be said that relatives of the patient should organise blood gathering, no, - Alexander Polees, the assistant to the head physician of the regional centre of blood explains, - and consequently nobody can induce to do it.

the Problem that is required to blood much, for emergency and for planned operations, and donors does not suffice. Therefore with medical institutions also ask to help: To hand over blood in bank that both your relative, and other patients could receive the help.

the attending physician in local polyclinic has the right to give out the Sick-list. Anatoly Belonogov`s photo.

How correctly to write out the sick-list?

- Hello! Recently at my mum pressure has strongly risen, and it has called fast . The doctor has advised not to go for work next day and to be converted into polyclinic. However in polyclinic the sick-list to it did not begin to write out - pressure was already in norm. Also have explained that if she nevertheless wants to receive the document, it is necessary to go independently to doctors First aid and to take the inquiry. It had to go on Metallurgists - on other end of a city, and to take a piece of paper that it actually called the doctor. Then with this inquiry again to go to hospital and to write out the sick-list . The question such is a usual scheme of work? A leah it is possible as - that to the doctor not to send patients to other end of a city, and to write out the sick-list simply on a call?

Alexander, Krasnoyarsk.

- Is not present, it is impossible, - Julia Krjukova, a press - the secretary of management of public health services of administration of Krasnoyarsk responds.

- The matter is that doctors and medical assistants first aid have no right to give out the documents bearing to time invalidity. The attending physician in local polyclinic has the right to give out the sick-list, he looks, how the patient feels. And the sick-list Lately give only under the decision of the medical commission by granting of the medical documents confirming time invalidity . Such document is the inquiry from first aid a health centre, fracture clinic. And by phone such information is not given, so the doctor was absolutely right.

Who should repair a balcony?

- Hello, I live on 9 - m a floor, and at me as soon as it is raining or snow, on a pool balcony thaws. A balcony covered, more correctly, a loggia. Who should repair it?

Anna, Krasnoyarsk.

- - As to us have explained in a press - service ZHilfonda the girl for certain in this case has a problem with a roof. It is necessary for it to be converted into the organisation which serves its house (a management company or TSZH) and to write the application addressed to the director. In the document to describe, what damages have been noticed, in which place and etc. To you there will arrive experts and will understand. By the way, the roof concerns to obshchedomovomu to property, to pay for its repair it is not necessary, - after all it and so it is put at us in the rent. A leah

Correctly to me count pension?

- Hello, Svetlana! My problem, probably, is actual for many pensioners - very small pension. Though I also worked all life, I receive simply copecks in comparison with the acquaintances, at which these monthly payments much more. Perhaps something not so to me count? How it to learn?

Elena Viktorovna, Krasnoyarsk.

- the Size of pension is calculated depending on the experience of work and the size of insurance deductions, - Oksana Popova, a press - the secretary of branch of the Pension fund across Krasnoyarsk region explains. - To specify, a leah correctly to you it consider, it is necessary to be converted into Pension fund department in a residence. If suddenly for any reasons you will not accept the answer it is possible to consult at experts of regional branch of the Pension fund.

Pension fund Branches on the city of Krasnoyarsk:

Railway area: street Maerchaka, 3, bodies. (3912 48 - 4 - 4 - 31;
Soviet: street Aerostation, 22, bodies. (3912 59 - 3 - 6 - 01;
October: street High-rise, 4, bodies. (3912 58 - 1 - 2 - 85;
Central: street Surikova, 12, bodies. (3912 27 - 4 - 4 - 66;
Lenin: Krylov`s street, 10, bodies. (3912 64 - 2 - 6 - 18;
Sverdlovsk: Vavilov`s street, 1, bodies. (3912 68 - 7 - 2 - 42;
Kirov: the lane High school, 7, bodies. (3912 34 - 6 - 7 - 27.

Pension fund Management across Krasnoyarsk region:

street Robespera, 7, bodies. (3912 58 - 0 - 0 - 66.

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