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Student`s spring has united young talents

Everyone year on this review - competition gathers the endowed youth from different corners of the Far East. This year, during 15 - go under the festival bill, students show the achievements. And, in the most different spheres: a science, creativity, military - patriotic education and sports preparation.

on April, 30th in Khabarovsk regional theatre of a musical comedy has taken place gala - a concert of creative collectives. It is one of the brightest stages of festival. Competitive days for selection of the best ensembles have dropped out on 16 - on April, 24th. Solemn display was spent in following kinds vocal and choral ispolnitelstva: Academic National Sports Variety the Modern choreography and the Break - show . Well and to light The spectator on a scene gala - a concert the most effective (according to jury) have welcomed vocal and dancing student`s ensembles. 330 participants - students of the higher and average special educational institutions of the Far East. They have gathered from Khabarovsk territory (Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid and settlement Vanino), Primorski Krai and the Jewish Autonomous region. Geography extensive. And it is not surprising! After all interest to festival grows every year.

- Such known collectives as the Cocktail (DVGGU), the Expression (DVGUPS), the Resonance (DVGGU) even it is not necessary to represent! - Ekaterina BARANOVA, the chief of department of youth programs of the Khabarovsk regional House of youth assures. - they already veterans of festival. Spectators always roughly react to their performances by a long applause.

every year Student`s spring represents new ensembles. This year it the Legend Studio of a modern choreography Avocado exemplary theatre of dance the Surprise . For them youth festival - brilliant possibility to declare itself. And, very loudly. Because level at festival high enough.  

- the Jury lowers to nobody! - Anna NAGAEVA, the deputy chief of department of youth programs of the regional House of youth speaks. - level of preparation of ensembles estimate on ability to keep on a scene, to mastery, figurative suits, music underneath.

the Higher award was received by two ensembles: estradno - to a jazz song the Cocktail and ensemble of national dance the Legend . They became winners - owners of Gran - at festival - competition Vocal and choreographic art .

are the strongest participants, - Anna Nagaeva continues. - A high award of festival award not for quantity of points, and for brightness of giving and technics of execution.

Other participants (in different nominations) have received incentive prizes. Organizers and founders of festival - committee on the youth policy of Khabarovsk territory, the edge Ministry of Education, Advice of rectors of high schools of edge. They have wished all participants of festival Student`s spring - 2008 creative successes and excellent mood.

As the curtain fell on a scene gala - a concert once again send all konkursanty. Together they have executed a hymn of Russia in modern interpretation. here our best youth! - spectators admired in a hall. And then still for a long time did not want to disperse. After all Student`s spring as birthday, happens only   time in a year.

Today the festival proceeds. There has come a turn to show the skill to young sportsmen.