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On May, 9th to the Amur veterans will present 10 minutes of conversation on to an intercity

On a Victory Day to the Amur veterans have given a gift -   10 minutes of free long-distance conversation within the Amur region.   Use it veterans and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, and also veterans and invalids of operations can. a bonus this extends both on home telephone numbers, and on public telephone booths.     calculations will be made after exempts will receive receipts.

- it will be necessary for Veterans to write the application on recalculation, and it will be made 100 - a percentage discount for any 10 minutes for choice the subscriber, - the chief of sector speaks is information - analytical maintenance of the Amur branch of Open Society Dalsvjaz Evgenie ZIMIN. -     Time of filing of application is not limited, and recalculation will be made within a month after the statement will be accepted. At itself it is necessary to have the corresponding certificate and the passport.

Also   to veterans will give possibility free of charge to send to five telegrammes across Russia, and also to the CIS and Baltic countries. It can be made from home telephone numbers and in points of reception of telegrammes.  

Besides, 20 - the percentage discount for conversations will be received on May, 8th and 9 also by the others amurchane - subscribers Dalsvjazi . It   will extend on any   there will be a tariff and to operate also within Priamurja. It is possible to call at a discount both from home telephone numbers, and from public telephone booths.   there will be a discount and for sending of telegrammes.