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From the ship on quay of Blagoveshchensk the child

has fallen During May Day feasts on quay of the Cupid   hardly there was no tragedy. With bronekatera, standing on a pedestal around a lane of Prelate Innokentija, the six-year boy has fallen. The child played the ship under supervision of parents, however during any moment, having lost balance, has slid off downwards four-metre height. A first aid brigade, having arrived on a call, recognised that to the boy, it is possible to tell, has carried - it has got off with bruises. It have brought to regional children`s hospital.

- the child had status of average weight, waist bruises, - have explained in Priamure at first aid station. - he has got off light - at falling from such height of traumas could be much more. However from all it is impossible to be insured, children fall from everywhere. To break a foot it is possible, even having fallen from a step.

It is necessary to tell, this ship - a favourite place for games at small blagoveshchentsev. However till now doctors of service of first aid did not face the traumas connected with falling from this ship. This case - the first.