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The Amur officials at any moment can send in a pre-trial detention centre

Two weeks ago vitse - the prime minister of Amur government Guzalija of Minkin and minister Andrey Belov have been accused of variety of crimes. On April, 30th the Blagoveshchensk court has made the decision - the officials accused of corruption cannot continue work. Also has temporarily discharged them of performance of duties.

However officials continue to come every morning for work, to hold meetings. They explain it to that the judgement has not entered yet validity. The accused officials, according to Guzalii Minkinoj, have 10 days on the judgement appeal.

- Such measure of compulsion as discharge from a post, comes into force immediately! - Alexey the LUBINSKY, senior assistant administrator of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Amur region has declared. - all it becomes in the interests of the investigation, and to wait for 10 days should nobody. It is not necessary even the order from the employer about time discharge from discharge of duties. After all there is a judgement - higher instance.

Guzalija Minkin and Andrey Belov are assured of the innocence. Probably, therefore also treat the law on - to the. Meanwhile their bravado can badly come to an end.

- Now inspectors find out all details of ignoring accused judgements. When this work will be finished, we will demand preventive punishment toughening. There is a probability of that officials will be taken into custody, - Alexey Lubinsky speaks.

In Blagoveshchensk of a pre-trial detention centre already there is Ramil Turaev, the Amur Minister of Health. The company to it Guzalija Minkin and Andrey Belov can already make within the next few days.

While other officials will bail also, whose surnames in connection with corruption scandal in the government were mentioned time and again. To the head physician of regional hospital Vasily Lysenko, the mayor Free   Accusations are not brought to Robert Kaminsky, the mayor of Zeya Dmitry Buldinu and the head of off-budget fund Dmitry Kolin yet. The criminal cases raised in the relation of these people, probably, wait for the hour.


And at this time

Officials work nonstop

Despite an interdiction of court, Guzalija Minkin holds meetings hardly probable not several times in the course of the day. Time is hot - after fires the Amur villages in the help need pogoreltsy. Well and Guzalija Talgatovna is literally yesterday held scale meeting with the Amur physicians on a problem of maintenance of hospital hospitals medicines and a food.

Andrey Belova`s Working schedule a little less intense, but also it on work all day long.

officials only did not break such preventive punishment applied to them, as a subscription about nevyezde. As to us have informed in investigatory management, for last two weeks the accused officials never left Blagoveshchensk.