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Inhabitants of Omsk from emergency houses will move next year

- In one of last numbers there was a material Omichej will move from 16 emergency houses . It would be desirable to learn, how and on what conditions moving of people to new habitation will be carried out.

the Inhabitant of the house on street Sedova.

As to us have explained in the ministry of building and housing - a municipal complex of the Omsk region, this year building of apartments for inhabitants of these houses will begin. Definitively new buildings will be handed over in 2009.

will Move people since May of the next year. By the way, under a pulling down 12 more houses in Kalachinske will go. In total in the Omsk region 413 persons will move to new apartments from 28 emergency houses. To inhabitants in addition it is not necessary to collect any documents, as their houses are already recognised by unsuitable for residing.

the Area of new apartments will equal the areas of the previous habitation in the old house. The exact site of buildings while definitively is not defined.

And after all often people do not agree to move from city centre. But as assure the authorities, the occasion to trouble is not present. In this case it is a question of emergency houses which are on city suburbs, - for example in old Kirovsk.