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As free of charge rolled kemerovchan

free of charge to be driven on Saturday, on May, 24th, on public transport, it was necessary to buy only a hot . There on last page we have published the special coupon - the Happy ticket. It was necessary to enter into a trolley bus or a tram with the newspaper, to show it and to allow to the conductor to tear off magic the coupon the action Partner has acted as Open Society the Kemerovo electrotransport company .

Happy passengers

That the eyes to observe, how our readers free of charge go on affairs, on shops and on a visit, correspondents have come at a stop the Market Ear in a trolley bus 3.

To us has there and then hastened the conductor - joyful, elegant, with firm orange bandanoj tied on a neck. Having learnt that we from the newspaper - birthday women, has blurred in a smile:

- Yes - yes, to us said that journalists will go to look, how we here spend the action.

And already at the following stop the young pair has entered into a trolley bus with colourful number in hands.

the Conductor considers action conditions in the newspaper
- Well, it is possible for us to sweep free of charge?

- Certainly! - conductor Ljubov Valerevna finds the coupon and akkuratnenko tears off it. - happy journey!

- Thanks - children have laughed. - we go to the Center to walk, have decided to use your gift!

Through two stops the grandfather has come into salon - the pensioner. Opens starts to read.

- Under the coupon will drive? - It is asked.

- Yes is not present, at us, veterans, journey and so the free. And about your action read. Good idea! And I all the same buy the newspaper every day, I will now be arranged more conveniently, I honour

In free sabbatical hire from have participated to many people. Perhaps would be even more if day has stood out the solar. Then on a broader scale would weigh Kemerovo to walk it was pulled

Here it sabbatical release Anyway, it was very pleasant to our workers to hear words of gratitude from passengers, - Evgenie BOLSHANIN, the assistant to the technical director for trolleybus transportations of Open Society " has summed up our joint action ; the Kemerovo electrotransport company . - the Action has gone right. Long years to the interesting and creative command of your newspaper!

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