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The lost international passport - the lost holiday?

in a press - the centre has passed the Direct line devoted to questions of registration of internal and foreign passports. The lieutenant colonel of internal service of Svetlana YEMELYANOV and the chief of department of maintenance of passport and registration work UFMS of Russia responded to questions of our readers on SK the lieutenant colonel of internal service Lyudmila SHCHEKINOVA the chief of department of registration of international passports of Management of Federal migratory service of Russia across Stavropol Territory.

the Person without the passport

- Good afternoon, is Kalmyks Vladimir Nikolaevich from Stavropol. I would like to know, how the international passport to receive and what documents are for this purpose necessary?

- In Stavropol you can be converted into Federal migratory service in a residence, i.e. in regional branch, or directly in Management FMS to the address: pr - t Kulakova, 4 And.

- And documents what are necessary?

- the passport internal and the work record card Is necessary: the original or the copy assured of a staff department. Keep in mind that the copy of the work record card assured by your staff department is valid within one month.

- the Identity card is necessary?

- How old are you?

- I already the pensioner.

- Is not present. If the pensioner, take with itself the pension certificate.

- Hello! Prompt, please, what real term of reception of the biometric passport. We have handed over all family documents in OVIR on April, 19th. Have told, it is necessary what to wait from 1,5 till 3 months. Term enough big, and after all it is necessary to plan holiday.

- Such tells could nobody. Usually this procedure occupies from 1, 5 till 2 months, on the average for 1,5 months the international passport is made out. And duration of registration does not depend on what international passport make out: biometric or the usual sample.

- Hallo, it the Direct line ? You are disturbed by Saharova Tatyana Aleksandrovna. Tell, please, here a year as I have received the international passport, and to me 45 years are executed. A leah it is necessary for me to paste a photo there?

- Good afternoon, Tatyana Aleksandrovna. No, in international passports a photo after 45 years do not paste.

- Good afternoon! My name is Andrey, at me a question concerning international passport reception. How much it costs and what for this purpose on a broader scale is necessary?

- Andrey hello and you where live?

- In Industrial region of a city of Stavropol.

- you can be converted into Industrial department of Federal migratory service or in Management FMS on Kulakova, 4 And. The passport your, internal, and the work record card is necessary. If you do not have as early as 27 years, then also the inquiry from a military registration and enlistment office of the established sample.

- And the statement?

- the Statement is filled usually on a place.

- And how much is to issue the international passport?

- Registration of the international passport of old generation costs 400 roubles, the new sample - 1000 roubles.

- And new as - that cardinally differs from the passport of the old sample?

- Yes, in the new passport there is a chip in which the information on its owner in electronic form contains. Therefore you can choose: either the biometric passport, or idle time.

- Hello. A leah tell, please, we with the husband can issue the biometric passport not only to ourselves, but also our seven-mouth child?

- Good afternoon. Yes, to issue the biometric passport to the small child it is possible. The state duty thus makes 500 roubles.

- the Direct line ? It is the Novel. At me such question to you. I constantly carry with myself the passport, and it has worn out in due course, at least, very modest became. A leah I can change it, me 24 years now.

- For today the legislation allows to receive the new passport if it has worn out or you consider that your appearance has changed.

- And what is necessary for this purpose?

- the Passport and the documents confirming a place of registration for statement of a stamp in the passport.

- And where to be converted?

- In Federal migratory service in a residence. If your life is connected with long business trips, you can receive the new passport in a place of an actual finding. However keep in mind the following: Your passport has worn out, or you carelessly stored it? The matter is that for negligent storage of the passport the penalty at a rate of 300 roubles is provided. The legislation after all orders to citizens to make thrifty use of documents.

the Stamp in the passport

- Hello. She is Elena from Stavropol. At me such situation. I have married, but yet have not changed the passport. If at once I will not change it, I should pay the penalty?

- Good afternoon, Elena. Better in such situations at once to be converted to us to change the passport. The penalty it will be necessary to pay in case of a delay of renewal of the passport for a month and more.

- Good afternoon! My name is Valentina. Half a year back I have married, but I can not reach and change the passport in any way, and till now it turns out that I live under a maiden name. Tell, please, when I at last - taki will go to change the passport, I am am waited very much by a heavy fine?

- Hello! The penalty from 1500 to 2500 roubles.

- And it depends on time: the longer I go, the it is more penalty as a result I will begin to cry?

- Is not present, an offence one, therefore from term which you mean, does not depend, but the report on an offence will make necessarily. However you have a possibility to appeal against against action of Federal migratory service in court where your offence can recognise as insignificant, or your family needy - depending on you can give what documents. T e. A question we solve in each concrete situation.

- Hello, it is Tatyana. At me such question. One year ago I have got divorced from husband. At me on hands a judgement copy, but I within a year have not received the certificate on divorce and, accordingly, have not put a stamp in the passport. Tell, please, in this case under the law penal sanctions are provided?

- Is not present, Tatyana if you thus have not changed a surname.

- Good afternoon, I Sergey, me of 20 years. Time to exchange the passport. Tell, please, during what time I should change it and if I do not make in time it, I am am waited by the penalty?

- the Passport changes within thirty days from the date of approach of term of replacement of the passport, i.e. 30 days after birthday. If in time will not change - the penalty from 1500 to 2500 roubles.

- Hallo, it the Direct line ? Zajtseva Alexander you disturbs.

- Good afternoon. We listen to you.

- I have left apartment. During what term I should be registered to the new address?

- it is accurately necessary to know: you will be registered in the place of residence or in an abiding place. If in the place of residence within 7 days you are obliged to be re-registered in a new residence. If it is an abiding place as the place of your constant residing is not defined it is 90 days.

the Abroad will help us?

- Hello, Nelli Ivanovna my name is. I would like to learn, a leah the international passport for a trip to Ukraine is necessary.

- Now the legislation of Ukraine does not demand the international passport at entrance to Ukraine.

- T e. To leave to Ukraine the same as and last year?

- Yes, as. At least, we do not have information that the international passport for entrance to Ukraine is necessary.

- Hello, my name is Nikolay. Consult, please, as itself to conduct, if the passport is lost during rest or business trip abroad?

- If the passport is lost abroad, it is necessary to be converted urgently into embassy of Russia, necessarily to inform that the passport is lost, that the data of this passport has passed to fasts of boundary control and that nobody could use this lost passport. The faster you will make it, the better for you and for us.


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