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In the Penza minibuses criminal songs

will cease to sound - Till what time the disgrace in fixed-route taxis will proceed! Drivers loudly include criminal music, are rude to passengers, and to stop a minibus in their proper place will not be interrogated! - our reader from Gagarin Olga Netopyreva`s street is indignant.

To Olga Konstantinovny`s pleasure, and at the same time and all townspeople who should go in fixed-route taxis, officials are going to make city minibuses presentable.

- Till June, 6th to be in time to the City Day, we will convert all fixed-route taxis, - the head of department of transport and communication of Penza Sergey LARJUSHIN promises.

In - the first, from forward panels of minibuses various bells and shone a box will disappear. They will be replaced with a strip in the size 6020 see this strip will be specified initial and a purpose terminal point, in a black box - route number. The index will be shone in the dark.

In - the second, announcements in salon will result in a normal kind. Instead of the pieces of paper stuck in a disorder there will be one strip with the information in a prominent place salon. Drivers will oblige to clean cool in their opinion, an inscription on doors and in salons of minibuses of type: you will more silently tell - you will leave " further; Speak louder: the driver of the deaf person and etc. there will be only the most necessary information. Besides, drivers should switch off so favourite by them Lethal long-range albums. And on the back index of the car, except route number, in large print will write numbers of two telephone hotlines of Management of transport and communication.
- this phone is useful anyway, - Sergey Larjushin speaks. - For example if the fixed-route taxi was late. Or goes, we will tell so, recklessly. Or even if the driver has got nasty with you. With each infringer we will understand.