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In Stavropol the season " begins; a poplar allergy

Years 30 - 40 back the poplar was a tree number one for city ozelenitelej - grows quickly, is unpretentious, thanks to a dense crone is generous on oxygen. All it so, but during flowering, in the beginning of June, on a city starts to fly poplar down, and poor allergic persons do not know, where from it to hide. The down is turned in air, flies in apartments through the window leaves opened in a heat.

- the In itself poplar down allergen is not, - has told to the correspondent the allergologist of regional diagnostic centre Bela SHCHERBAKOVA. - It only transfers dust sticking to it and pollen of various meadow, cereal, weed plants which blossom simultaneously with a poplar. And here pollen can become the reason of a hay fever. Unfortunately, at us, to Stavropol Territory, plants, whose pollen is capable to call an allergy, it is a lot of. One ambrozija that costs...

- In a city is about 2000 poplars, - the engineer Stavropol " speaks; Gorzelenstroja Galina VOLYCHENKO. - But it is far not each of them is a down source, but only when - that really popular at ozelenitelej the Canadian poplar. And and only female copies. Their cutting down, unfortunately, will not solve a problem completely, after all man`s a poplar can change a floor - when comes it is time to leave offspring. After that after any time the tree perishes. Annually we spend planned cutting down of poplars - old trees are dangerous to associates also because can fall. Since autumn of last city till today in the regional centre have cut down 250 trees. Unfortunately, from - for insufficient financings are not present possibility to relieve a city from all become obsolete poplars, therefore the oldest first of all are cut down.