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Traffic police of Sverdlovsk area: the Storm water drain of Ekaterinburg does not cope with water streams

Rains in Ekaterinburg will end only next week, and the city storm water drain is already littered to a limit. With water streams in it pulls garbage, packages, a grass, all it sticks to lattices. In most cases to workers MU the Accomplishment enough two lomov to eliminate deluging, but such got littered lattices in a hundred city, and workers much less.

300 kilometres - such is extent of the storm water drain in Ekaterinburg. Its big part has been laid on old technologies and calculations, in some places these pipes cannot cope with the big water streams.

like for struggle against rains in a city life-support system it is provided livnevka. It, on idea, should clean, and it should be capable to pass water streams, leaving dry proezzhuju a part and sidewalks. In practice townspeople have again got to a vicious circle. From - for rains and road repairs in a city the quantity of stoppers has increased, and in these stoppers stand kommunalshchiki, hurrying to clean the storm water drain.

as result - driving a part and city sidewalks disappear behind deep pools. In traffic police have already attended to that road conditions become complicated, and have reminded that under traffic regulations speed of the car should provide to the driver possibility of constant control over movement of a vehicle for performance of requirements of traffic regulations .

- We recommend to move the driver with the included passing light of headlights, even on a city and in the afternoon, - have noted in traffic police. - also check up, a leah works having blown about heating of glasses - from - for rains and difference of temperatures the windshield mists over. And on a broader scale without extreme need it is better not to sit down to a wheel.