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Valery Kucherjavyh: the Approach to the maintenance of the Tver roads needs to be changed

On the Direct line with readers - main the GAI officer areas has told how to struggle with spontaneous parkings in court yard, city stoppers, has listened to wishes of townspeople on improvement of a high system of a city

Elena, settlement Nikolsky Kalininsky area:
- At us in settlement motorists put the transport under windows. Even the crane Ivanovets on a flower bed park. Where to us to complain?

- According to section 17 of Traffic regulations in domestic territory parking of lorries in full weight more than 3,5 tons is forbidden, therefore it is necessary for you to be converted with the statement into traffic police OVD branch on Kalininsky area, that is in a residence.

And to clean a spontaneous parking of automobile vehicles in domestic territories, you should write the application addressed to the head of administration of your rural settlement. The decision of this problem is in its competence.

mosquitoes And. I, Tver:
- In a city it is a lot of tractors and dredges in the afternoon. They complicate movement in rush hour. A leah probably on a broader scale to forbid movement of dredges on a city in the afternoon? Let on objects reach early in the morning and come back at night. And wheel a tractor it is necessary to limit a little too in movement on a city.

- on a city it is impossible to forbid Movement of tractors and dredges, as basically the specified technics leaves on failure on heating systems, and also works on city cleaning.

Julia, Tver:
- Now in a city not to drive - stoppers in the afternoon. Also roads repair that complicates movement. Leah can co-ordinate traffic police with dorozhnikami work that at night repaired, and that additional stoppers are created?

- the Road repair organisations refuse to spend works at night, motivating it with that in this case it is necessary to pay extra to workers for nenormirovannyj the working day. The road condition in Tver this year makes depressing impression. Already the middle of May, and housing and communal services department till now has not given us the carrying out schedule dorozhno - repair work. As a result there are stoppers as we learn about repair of this or that street already upon also we can not inform in advance the population, where and when works will be spent.

Tatyana, Tver:
- I Live in the street Skvortsova - Stepanova. At us there very dangerous crossroads on crossing of streets Bitter and Skvortsova - Stepanova. To pass very difficult, and the traffic light is not present. Who makes the decision on installation of traffic lights in a city?

- It is necessary to understand that at traffic light installation a number of conditions should be observed: intensity of movement, breakdown susceptibility, width proezzhej parts and so forth the traffic police traffic lights is direct does not establish. The working group into which assistants to heads of administrations of areas, representatives of Management of traffic police and department of housing and communal services, noncommercial partnership " enter is engaged in the decision of this question; Service of the customer . At session of this commission taking into account opinion of all participants and according to requirements STATE THAT is made the decision on expediency of installation of a traffic light. And the traffic light on your crossroads will appear very soon: in July of this year. This year there will be traffic lights and in streets Ring - Crystal, P.Savelevoj (at school 40), M.Konev (at school 38), Orzhdonikidze (at shopping centre), on the Moscow highway on departure from Chemical institute, on Sankt - the Petersburg highway at regional clinical hospital.

Andrey, Tver:
- Now in a city it is a lot of drivers - beginners. Many badly know traffic regulations. The impression is sometimes made that 60 - 80 % of failures in a city happen because of such ignoramuses. Probably, in driving schools learn to nothing...

- it is impossible to agree With it. As shows the analysis dorozhno - transport incidents, this year because of drivers to the driver`s experience till three years there were no more than 8 % from total number of failures. It agree, quality of training of the future drivers now is not at the highest level. For carrying out of checks of the educational organisations the working group has been created. Checks of schools by which results statements are drawn up are now carried out, the information is prepared and directed to department of education and in Upravlenie Rospotrebnadzora.

Ivan Artemyev, Tver:
- At us in Tver drivers continue movement on a red signal of a traffic light, and yellow do not notice at all. It occurs even in city centre on a crossroads of the Tver prospectus and street Soviet, the traffic police equipped with constant fast. On crossroads minor, equipped traffic lights, on a broader scale create a lawlessness and impudent power struggle. The traffic police struggles with such infringers?

- Following the results of work of divisions of traffic police for 4 months of current year 2002 facts of journey of crossroads on forbidding red signal of a traffic light are revealed. So work on suppression of the given kind of road accident is conducted. According to traffic regulations, drivers who had not time to stop, have the right to finish movement on a yellow signal of a traffic light. However it can be made only in the places strictly stipulated by rules: when it is not created hindrances to pedestrians and vehicles. On a crossroads and in places of crossing with proezzhej a part the stop on the yellow is obligatory.

Sergey Dontsov, Tver:
- the Question concerns East bridge. I think, it in nowise cannot be closed it on reconstruction as it is planned this year. It completely will paralyse all city together with fast and fire services. If the new bridge will construct through two - three years East bridge will stay this period without problems provided that on it there will be a movement only automobile transport. Perhaps for trucks a barrier to hang up?

- traffic police Management has already directed the information letter where has specified in necessity of installation on East bridge of dimensional gate for bolshegruzov to a city administration. On our inquiry the negative answer, motivirovannyj is received by that the given gate will interfere with journey of snow-removing technics and fire-engines. In turn the traffic police daily exposes fast from both sides of the bridge not to admit journey of a truck transport with the resolved maximum weight more than 2,5 tons.

Cyril Gribov, Tver:
- I Live to 1 address - j the lane of the Red large village, 7/ 1, the first entrance. At us since December of last year about an entrance costs ownerless Volga . Where to us to be converted, with this car it is necessary to do something?

- you need to be converted with the statement into department of internal affairs in a residence. According to the code of an accomplishment of Tver divisionals should establish the owner of this car and take corresponding measures. If the owner will not establish or the car is already utilised, divisionals should evacuate the car on paid parking.

the spontaneous parking under a window Has bothered, complain

- Cars put under windows - write the application addressed to the head of your area and bear it in regional administration.
- park the large-sized technics - bear the statement in OVD in a residence.

By the way
On last the Direct line in edition (look for on February, 5th ) the inhabitant of the house 11 on street Lake has complained of a spontaneous parking of cars on sidewalk about its house.

traffic police Management has fulfilled this call. The inspector have left into place and have made 11 administrative reports for infringement of rules of a parking, have given preventive talks with the citizens parking cars on Lake. During checks it has been established that the majority of the cars parked on sidewalk, belongs to employees of Management of private security of the Departments of Internal Affairs arriving on service in a building on Lake. Addressed to the head of department the corresponding letter is sent. However till now it is not accepted it of any measures. On this fact it will be reported to a higher management.