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In Volgograd judge the woman rushing to the police officer by a shit

Any day the judgement on Olga Chicherovoj`s business which has thundered last year because of the irreconcilability is expected: she has tried in struggle against shop all the ways long, including not so pure.

we Will remind, in 2007 in Volgograd shop Benetton Rielty Russia has started to pile up an extension just under a balcony Chicherovoj. The mistress of apartment has declared to shop war and soiled to builders as could. As speak burzhui the woman demanded, that they have bought its apartment at the price in 3 times above market, watered workers from a hose, rushed banks with water and a sewage - better to say, a shit.

the shop Management suffered - suffered, and has gone to court. The court has thought and has solved: not to repair obstacles to building! But the decision as the consequence is expressed, has not entered validity . And then, that it has entered, to Olga Chicherovoj inspectors court enforcement officers have come. But on servants of the law flowerpots, banks with water and other house utensils exactly in the same way fell down. And a shit - too. Thus from the annoyed mistress to police officers has got on the first: one of them has gone to hospital with a brain concussion, skalpirovannoj a wound and a trauma of sheaves of a hand.

So the following court on which have led Chicherovu, was any more from - for ill-starred buildings, and from - for the victim for the sake of justice of the police officer. But here Olga was gone: on court sessions did not go, on summonses and calls not   reacted. The Office of Public Prosecutor as it is necessary, has put the fighter for the property on the wanted list. And here the woman have found, and judicial lawsuits have begun with the doubled force.

- For a tresspass to health to the court enforcement officer to Olga Chicherovoj threatens till 10 years of imprisonment, - the senior inspector WITH on the Central area of SOU SK has told at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation   Olegs RODIONS.

However, as this judgement will enter validity - is not clear yet: CHicherova all this time lives at home and it seems time in vain does not lose...