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Parents in the Polar region more than children

For last year us, northerners, became less on 6000 persons. How to correct a demographic situation, members of the regional commission on realisation of priority national projects one of these days discussed.

the Number of inhabitants in Murmansk area is reduced in many respects from - that people on - former aspire to leave the Polar region in warm edges. Last year, for example, Kola peninsula was left by 4,85 thousand persons. And the majority of them (77 percent) - at able-bodied age, and a considerable part (14 percent) - children.

- we Want, that fathers received more, and mum there is less than time for work spent
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

If business so will go further shortly pension fund branches become the most popular institutions in region.

having seriously disturbed by that will be nobody to work, the area government even has developed the regional target program assistance Rendering to voluntary resettlement in Murmansk area of the compatriots living abroad, on 2008 - 2012 . Now it is co-ordinated with Moscow. If in capital the project will support, there is a hope that to us people from the former Soviet republics for which the new, independent states native did not become will more actively be pulled.

the Death rate at us decreases that, of course, pleases. So, in 2007 - m has died on 1011 persons less, than in 2006 - m. In the world other in Murmansk area (as, however, and in Russia as a whole) people leave more often from - for warm - vascular (55,6 percent) and oncological (13,6 percent) diseases. The great number of people perishes as a result of accidents (12,2 percent).

- In 2007 - the m on light has appeared 8821 young northerner. On 366 more than in 2006 - m. And for three months 2008 - go the number of the kids who have born in the Polar region has exceeded it on 177 results of the first quarter of last year, - Lyudmila Tchistov strewed in figures of the deputy the governor.

in general, positive tendencies are. But, nevertheless, today birth rate level   yet does not provide simple reproduction of the population. Or, better to say, we have less than children, than parents.

Committee-men remembered that women work often in harmful conditions, a standard of living low, to medical attendance of censures it is a lot of. All it, alas, so. And not all problems can be solved at region level. Though, on the other hand, here took in the Tver region and have organised hire of carriages, beds and any other things necessary to kids in their first year of life. It is a little expenses, and fathers and mums of cares have less.

Dear readers! And in your opinion, what not so zatratnogo, but useful it is possible to make at us to facilitate life to young parents? Perhaps to publish directories - guidebooks to the shops trading in the children`s goods, and to distribute them free of charge that fathers and mums did not run in vain, and precisely knew where to go, or to organise round-the-clock a hot line that experts in phone always could prompt to parents how to arrive? Send the offers to us in edition to the address: Murmansk, Volodarsky`s street, 1 or on electronic mail

ilya - komlev@yandex. ru. We will publish them in the newspaper, we will pass in the area government, look, any of them and will be realised. After all since 2009 of the power of area plan to allocate annually on 1 million roubles for financing of the municipal projects directed on improvement of demographic indicators.

In turn we promise that the author of the most original offer will win from us a prize.