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That it is better: a townhouse, a cottage or apartment taking into account our, Belarus, conditions

At us the such habitation too starts to become fashionable.

the Price

Counting on square metre townhouses can quite cost cheaper, than city apartments. However - be attentive! - small-sized townhouses do not happen, and for this reason their cost usually turns out enough impressive.

- the Square metre in a townhouse in Minsk costs 1200 - 1600 dollars for square metre, depending on the location and prestigiousness of area, - has told the director of agency of real estate “ Thy capital “ Lyudmila KRASOVSKY. - the townhouse Area usually makes from 150 to 300 square metres.

the Site

Is considered that apartment - attribute of a city way of life, and a townhouse - country. More often it so, but not always. In some cities in new microdistricts of a high-rise building adjoin to townhouses. And this tendency, apparently, will develop - low building now in a fashion.

In capital other tendency is available also - men of means in addition to habitation already available in a megacity buy day off apartment where - nibud in quiet suburb, it is desirable near to wood or small river. For generation which and other sadovo - garden delights considers beds as circumstance aggravating life, such variant looks practical enough: the nature - here it and to contain a townhouse is much cheaper, than a country house.

property Structure

One of the main pluses of a townhouse - is applied on it the earth. Let small, as a rule, 2 - 4 hundred parts. But you it is proud can to consider itself not only domo - but also the land owner. And to have a rest near the house on own green lawn. To break there own beds with colours, a children`s playground or... Well, to whom that.


At first sight here considerably wins a townhouse. But do not feed superfluous illusions about privacy of such way of life. More often by a townhouse mean two - the three-storyed house (or the block of houses), divided on some home ownerships. Certainly, you will not have so much neighbours as in a many-storeyed ant hill, and there will be a separate input, but neighbours at you will be. And they can be delighted at all because that, say, your dog runs on their part pridomovoj territories.

Want to live especially individually - buy a cottage. Then both the house, and all site at it will belong only to you.

Features of a lay-out

If to live on - chelovecheski in your understanding are meant some by bedrooms (on one family on each member) and a drawing room with a fireplace, of course, you will feel more cosy in a townhouse. Now there are multiroom and even two-level apartments, but still it is necessary to look for them. And the price will be corresponding... Differently, if you need very spacious habitation, is more practical to buy a townhouse - square metre in it, as a rule, costs more cheaply, than in apartment.

Affinity to the nature

Here, of course, all pluses in favour of a townhouse. Such settlements build in city line, but nevertheless, as a rule, is closer to a green zone, a reservoir and far away from factories and highways. Besides, to leave to breathe fresh air, it is not necessary to go down from an unlimited floor on the lift.

Municipal and other payments

And here in unconditional plus apartment - the townhouse maintenance, as a rule, costs dearer. And it is sometimes considerable. It is necessary the matter is that to pay also for the maintenance of an infrastructure of settlement in which there is your townhouse, including roads, protection, garbage removal, an accomplishment of the general territory and etc. Usually runs much more, than in apartment in a traditional many-storeyed new building. In different settlements requisitions can differ very strongly. For this moment it is necessary to pay special attention even at purchase and in advance to count the possibilities.



That such the townhouse

Is a certain transitive variant between the many-storeyed house and a cottage. You behind a wall have neighbours (as in a high-rise building), but there is also the, let a small ground (usually 2 - 4 hundred parts), the exit from the house. Metric area actually habitation - too where - that between: it is less, than in a high-grade cottage, but it is more, than in average city apartment (the most modest variant: three bedrooms on the second floor, a drawing room, kitchen and subsidiary premises on the first - total 150 sq., plus garage and guest parking on pridomovoj territories.

IT is important!

The more houses in settlement, the it is necessary to pay for the maintenance of the general territory and an infrastructure less.



Maλξύςΰζκθ at us and at them

Svetlana KONDACHKOVA, the head of agency of real estate:

- Abroad townhouses and cottages settle down in city boundaries or in the nearest suburb. These houses there sell “ on a turn-key basis “ they even are equipped by the built in technics. At us, as a rule, townhouses sell without furnish so, the potential buyer should be ready to spend also the decent sum for furnish and repair.