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The most extreme children`s playgrounds in Minsk

the People began to complain openly of the children`s playgrounds. Probably, has become painful.

Perhaps, at experts ZHES 6 it will turn out to climb up a hill?
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

Alla: Have repaired platforms only there where with a finger have stuck. And about the others to anybody and affairs are not present. Look at a platform in Minsk, in a court yard of avenue of Independence 78, 80. Any child cannot climb on a hill, since all steps there are broken out.

From edition: the Platform in city centre simply shocked us: a hill without steps and a bench. And more anything is not present. Really now so modern children`s playgrounds look? By the way, I have tried to climb on a hill, but even to the adult it not under force.

Perhaps, it is necessary to glance to employees ZHESa 33 on this platform?
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

While ZHES 33 will reach to a platform, the board can fail on the earth.
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

Natasha: Check up, please, a children`s playground on Belinsky`s street, 9! The house 9 - ti floor, 8 entrances, an a platform any. A court yard for cars, instead of for children.

From edition: To tell the truth, it is possible to break a perfect children`s playground into Belinsky. Territory here big enough. But instead the two broken swing, the rotted through basketball board, the hill pulled out from the earth. It is one of the most awful platforms which we have seen.

Can ZHES 23 offer children something better?
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

Dima: People, at me in a court yard except two - three iron sticks also a table tennis from concrete plates, and near to it a hole metre on metre, and inside any premise which has been filled up with garbage, depth where - that of metre three i.e. if the child there falls hardly will get out. Here it is horror! And you speak... By the way, the address I will tell - Mendeleyev`s street, 11.

From edition: We long turned near the house in search of the described platform. Have found only in a high grass something similar to a horizontal bar. Probably, it also is a children`s playground.

it is interesting, how ZHES 10 can comment on such original neighbourhood?
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

Dima: street Brest, d. 56, a building 2. I beg, check up! It is the NIGHTMARE!!! One and a half rusty zhelezjaki near musornitsy - here our children`s playground. In the middle of a court yard the house - a phantom - a haven of vagabonds flaunts. Help!

From edition: to Describe words that is created on Brest it is impossible. ZHelezjaki behind garbage tanks painted last time about 20 years ago. But has put at all in it. When we have arrived, in garbage tanks vagabonds in search of meal just climbed. In ten steps - the thrown house. ZHESu all the same?

Apparently, here for a long time there was no chief ZHESa 11.
the Photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

Mum: Square on Roses Luxembourg have repaired all couple of years back, have established wonderful hills, a sandbox, a swing (under which, truth, after a rain such pools grew what not to approach!) And set of benches with little tables. But already in half a year the wooden Baba-yaga decorating a roundabout, stood near to it, a week later having disappeared at all. And a year later behind others a swing began to break off one.

From edition: In a public garden along the street R.Ljuksemburg (opposite to shop Rublevsky ) the modern sports complex is broken, but three swing which roll on the earth absolutely ridiculously look. And if to sit down on it is unique the escaped swing also they will necessarily fail on the earth.

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