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Belarus wants to enter into 25 countries, the best for business

- Today the government has set an ambitious problem to enter into number 25 of the countries of the world with optimum conditions of business dealing.

the Problem for the Belarus government not simply ambitious, but sensational. Now Belarus in a rating on business dealing (Doing business) on 110 place from 178. To get on 25 place, it is necessary to jump over 85 positions.

In Belarus to interest foreign investors, for last months it was accepted about 30 laws which, according to the first deputy minister of economy, have considerably improved a business climate. In the country have cancelled a gold share on enterprise check in now it is necessary less time and documents, it became easier to obtain the licence and etc.

the FILE

the Rating of the countries on business dealing are made in the USA by experts of the International financial corporation. Data for a rating the next year is already collected. Still half a year them will analyze. Experts estimate each of 178 countries on, a leah simply in the country to begin business, to register to (liquidate) the enterprise, to obtain the licence, a leah can obtain the businessman in the country the credit, find suitable workers for the company as business with payment of taxes is. On each point the separate rating is made. This year the highest indicator at our country - on performance of contracts. Here Belarus on 16 place from 178. And here under the taxation the republic takes last place in a rating.

And At this time

the Summer of all weakens? So we will cancel holidays!

the Good rating is necessary to Belarus that more than the foreign companies were ready to put up money in business in our country. While the Belarus prime minister is not happy with quantity of direct foreign investments. According to Interfax, Sergey Sidorsky even has threatened to cancel all holidays if heads of the ministries and departments do not change the relation to business.

- As in you concern such measures? - Has asked the first deputy minister of economy of Belarus Peter ZHABKO who on Wednesday told to journalists about investments.

- I will not make comments on a word of premieres - the minister. There is a labour legislation, and in our country all carry out it. Probably, it has been told in a fit of temper It not simply indicator (quantity of direct foreign investments - Red.) For the sake of an indicator, it that all of us with you is better here lived, that it was possible to earn more, it is more and to consume qualitatively.

- And you go to summer holiday?

- Holiday under the schedule. In holiday, in particular me, the prime minister - the minister, and the Minister of Economics releases not. While any changes was not.


the Judicial system even is more important, than market economy

Now Lithuania occupies in a rating on business dealing 26 place. Belarus gathers the country - the neigbour in due course to overtake. Therefore a question: What it is necessary for it to make? - we have set to the economist of the Lithuanian institute of free market Rute VAINENE.

- For this purpose much should be made. An indispensable condition for business ward - market economy. If there are at least any negative expectations, for example that can nationalise the enterprise, business will not go to the country. Even more important - judicial system. Even investors because they badly think of our courts do not come to Lithuania.

that is important also, how much it is necessary to pay taxes, a leah money as it is easily possible to obtain the credit are stable in the country. These are the enormous reforms, especially for Belarus. And reforms do not happen lungs, at many people they inspire resistance.

- How much years at Lithuania have left on these reforms?

- we have passed To market economy instantly when have ceased to supervise the prices. And reforms we continue to spend.

- it was possible to Any country so quickly to improve a place in a rating?

- the Big successes Ireland has reached. From the forgotten country it has turned to prospering economy. But Belarus should remember that other countries too change. And if they dvizhutsja in that direction to make business is more free, will overtake them even more hard.

Belarus wants to get to a rating of 25 countries Business dealing


Sergey STRELCHIK, the lawyer, one of experts of a rating Business dealing

- Theoretically it is possible. But it will be very difficult is a question not one - two years, and a five-years period. It is necessary to break stereotypes much to overcome existing barriers. It is necessary to change not only the legislation, but also mentality, including businessmen. If reduce taxes businessmen should have an understanding that them it is necessary to pay. If simplify licence reception, means responsibility of business that it does should grow.

Hope RACHITSKY, the sales representative of the brewing company:

- To tell the truth, me it is not believed in this economic miracle. The maximum that can make the government for 2 - is 3 years to lift Belarus in a rating on 5 steps. If we will go some other way, namely we will allow to be developed in our market to small and average business and in this case, under my assumption, it will be possible to rise no more than on 20 positions upwards.

Olga the KING, the sociologist:

- the exit on the European market is simply necessary For us. But we should mean that our goods should correspond to the European quality, differently we remain on the same penultimate positions. Still, in my opinion, it is necessary to improve our tax system, to make it more flexibly, a leah that. Only then it will be possible to speak about any shift in sphere of our business.

Edwards KUSHNERS, the director of private publishing house:

- Similar courageous prozhekty our officials not news. But it is absolutely impracticable. To rise on such height, business dealing freedom is necessary. And at us business is under construction on feudal relations when all spheres of influence are divided.

Alexander SOLODUHA, the singer:

- It is necessary to aspire and believe, and then all is possible. It is just necessary to plough since morning till the night. It is possible to achieve all.

Ruslan REZEVSKY, the taxi driver:

- This the dreams which have been torn off from a reality. Certainly, I would like, that my words have not come true, but, unfortunately, I consider that we have every chance to go down more low on pair positions. Not that what to rise to 25 - j!

Vladimir, the owner of sausage shop:

is it is excluded. I in business since 1993 also can precisely tell that tax burden of firm - the manufacturer now where - that of 50 %. Practice has shown that serious corporations do not want to work with our country, and Belarus not so seduces foreign investors. As to my business today much more cheaply to buy pigs in Germany and to clear of them, than to buy ours.

Vadim, Brest , the visitor of a site KP . BY

Through how much years? On a paper or it is real? I in it do not believe, the economic system will not change yet.

Oleg, Minsk , the visitor of a site KP . BY

the abstainer can believe In it and jazvennik only. Hectare - hectare - hectare!

the Harmonous Pug

Statistical a raising the mentioned rating will not tell in any way about a raising of a standard of living. Therefore, purely formally, Belarus and " can for any period; skakanet upwards.

Vlad, Minsk, the visitor of a site KP . BY

the Ministry of Economics assumes, and the Lord has. 25 place, maybe, also will be, but years through 50 and provided that we in the government will have the qualified people not inclined to populism and propagation.

Antichrist Zhodino, the visitor of a site KP . BY

giving yes Is fresh is believed hardly Not with our mentality and diligence .

Edward, Vitebsk, the visitor of a site KP . BY

Who believes in this possibility, that obviously is the ancestor of those who believed in Peruna, Jarylu and Dazhdzhboga.

Andrey, Vitebsk, the visitor of a site KP . BY

If BT and officials declare even the first place - I will believe. I always trust them.

INK, the visitor of a site KP . BY

I believe also that each grandmother in any Belarus village will receive in 2009 pension at a rate of 2 500 000 Belarus roubles. You in it believe? Here and I not so.

Iryna maroz, the visitor of a site KP . BY

Net, ne veriu

L i htar, the visitor of a site KP . BY

Than more than plans and promises - by that in them it is believed more difficultly.

Preconditions - that in general is not present any - state regulation - most not the effective economic mechanism - the economy is corrupted and bezynitsiativna - toughening of control and responsibility leads to return consequences - to increase in the sums of bribes and recoils, and in case of fair work - to even bolshemu to initiative decrease.

Plans and the official reports which are lead up to the population from television are torn so off from the validity that already very few people believes them, the society all chatter ignores this.

in general from normal launching sites in 90 - e, we in the blessing the people and for the people have appeared on that place where we are - and level Soviet gloomy 70 - h 80 - h - these times are characterised as late stagnation.

And preconditions something to change at present is not present, tk these people came to power with mentality of a stagnant socialism, with populist, but impractical ideas of social equality, for ten years they could not adapt to world economy and it is necessary to be the visionary to assume that they will make it in the future.