Rus News Journal

The daily log - Voronezh : Friday, on May, 30th

the Fan - shuj - the forecast

Today the Sky and the Earth are in uneasy movement, and anything new it is not necessary to begin. Protect the accumulation, complete old affairs and do not plan anything epoch-making. Today there will be a happiness to workers of mass-media, advertisers and all what career is connected with the notification and news.

the Lunar calendar

25 - j lunar day. Symbols - the Turtle, the Bowl. Passive, it it is good to spend day in a solitude and self-scrutiny, without hurrying anywhere. If you would like to have a rest - and make. Postpone unessential meetings and contacts. Do not begin anything new, but begun it is necessary to finish. Be careful in what you are not able yet, than do not own. In the decision of any questions listen to the intuition. Supervise thoughts and emotions.      

the Sun

Rising - 5. 39

the Decline - 21. 14

Birthday men

Today: David, Eudoxia, Efrosinija, Stepan.

On Saturday: Alexander, Andrey, David, Denis, Claudia, Matrena, Paul, Peter, Simeon, Faina, Fedot, Julia.

On Sunday: Acacius, Dmitry, Ivan.

Eudoxia - kind, economic, careful, soft and compliant.

Stepan can choose a creative trade. At it it is a lot of friends and acquaintances, for it all doors are opened.

Andrey possesses rich imagination. In life succeeds, on service it is appreciated by the heads.


the Geomagnetic background a magnetic field quiet.

Atmospheric pressure   within norm.

the Poster look here