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Maxim SUSHINSKY: After victory has cried out to the wife: I love you!

the strict president

While other hockey players - triumphers enjoy victory in holiday, Max, having rolled up sleeves, works as the president of the dealer centre of one automobile firm very known in the world. From 9 o`clock in the morning and till 6 evenings he bezvylazno sits in the office. And even a meeting to correspondents has appointed there.

- Though I and the president, but sometimes itself sell cars: there come friends, the friends are brought. They still pin up me: You are the most bad manager .

As well as in hockey, in business Sushinsky too not a miss. Its centre has begun work only on May, 12th, and is already sold about 40 cars. And this with the fact that the average price such the iron friend - 50 thousand euro.

- Peter - the city rich, of course, - is over-modest Max.

At it in the centre all is put in a big way. Outside is a modern four-storeyed building from glass. Inside - a full high tech! The president - the person serious. Sits in an office in fashionable shoes, trousers and a pink shirt with a tie. The personnel is converted to it exclusively by name to a patronymic: Maxim Jurevich .

- Employees when have returned from Canada, congratulated? - we ask the first question the Sou - 33 .

- they have organised such warm meeting. With posters, balls. Left and met in the street with champagne. It has magnificently turned out.

- Have departed emotionally from victory?

- For a long time. Emotions, by the way, did not overflow. At once has departed, as soon as villages in the car in hostel of Quebec and has gone to the airport. I flied separately from the command. Children came back to Moscow every other day. And I had tickets for Peter. At home has had a rest soul, has seen the family. With me - that in Canada was nobody.

- And how has taken place reception at the President?

- Impressions special does not remain. It is simply pleasant that the country leaders watch our performances that to it our victories are not indifferent.

- Felt, how in Russia worry?

- Still! After all the half-countries sat in front of TVs. The endings at us for a long time was not. In day of game to me called from the house, supported, adjusted.

- This victory became one of the strongest impressions in life?

- Is not present. Each victory is valuable on - to the. Whether it be the World championship, the championship of Russia, the Cup of Europe. For me differences are not present. Always I test the same emotions.

- It is possible to describe them words?

- It is impossible. After a solving goal of Kovalchuka on ice the lawlessness was created. Nobody understood that does. Shouted each other something, jumped, congratulated.

- That you shouted in the chamber right after victories?

- I made a declaration of love to the wife

- It has estimated?

- Yes.

- Many congratulations were after a match?

- Yes. Vlad Radimov SMS - ku has sent at once to me. It was very pleasant. We are on friendly terms with it. Right after games I on a mobile phone had 88 messages. I want to apologise before those to whom could not respond. And next day has come even more - 314 SMS. For work in Peter has come, has opened mail, and there 156 electronic letters with congratulations. Hour two only mail thumbed through (smiles).

Force can be trained

- When in the ending lost to Canadians, were think, what game not to rescue?

- Is not present. We believed in victory constantly. Bulls told in breaks that we have forgotten the first period: the Bill 0:0, we play from the very beginning .

- Remember the moment when you were mistaken also to us have scored the second goal? There there was a footboard?

- Was. But the share of my fault too is. It was necessary to play more accurately.

- Someone from children of the claim showed?
- Is not present, certainly. Same hockey, without errors does not happen. This command was just strong what anybody voiced nothing to anybody

- On game it was the strongest during the last years?

- Is not present. All national teams in which I played, were strong. Something constantly did not suffice easier rests: trainer`s skill, good luck, still something. Has this time sufficed only.

- With such command it is possible to wait on the Olympic Games of good performance?

- Certainly. But to the Olympic Games still time oh - oh - oh how much.

- And you to Vancouver - 2010 will drive still?
- it is obligatory. The desire at me always is. And forces forces will train.

It not good luck is a skill

- Now all say that Russia poperlo . An UEFA Cup, the World championship on hockey, basketball Euroleague, Euroconducting. And everywhere we - the first. Good luck?

- What good luck?! (Is indignant). Mas - rubbed - stvo (stretches a word on syllables). Besides, the country government began to pay attention to sports. Here from above all also has begun.

- As consider, in Peter hockey develops?

- Certainly. And not only hockey. To sections not to get, commands are overflowed. Huge boom hockey, football, tennis, figure skating. Now sports in Russia leave on strong positions.

- In the future you see yourselves the trainer or the businessman?
- the Trainer I do not see. This business occupies a lot of time, for business at all does not remain.

- Want to bend this line?

- I have already bent (laughs).

- There is a stereotype that the sportsman except sports anywhere cannot achieve success
- Well, you see (leads round a hand around). Incorrectly so to think. All sportsmen very clever people, widely-read. Many - with higher education.

- As it is possible to combine hockey and business?
- While it is normal. When I play, I do not think of business. When I do not play, I think of business.
- on a family time remains?
- Certainly. However, I houses seldom whom see. Vick`s oldest daughter together with me in 8. 30 leaves. I for work, it - in school. Then at it employment on tennis. It comes home even later, than I. Younger while sits at home.

Soon holiday

- Rest have planned?

- Yes. In June. I will go where - nibud to the warm countries, the weariness has collected. Here say that on winners of a wound heal faster. And all body is ill me (laughs).

- Now train?
- Is not present. Month I will have a rest. I will begin in the south, in holiday.

- for That to us to wait from SKA in a following season?

- It would be desirable, that SKA has achieved any success. That fans in us believed and worried, instead of left after the second period to sleep.

- In last season the structure was like strong Why again anything serious have not won?
- And I do not consider that we had a strong structure. We had a strong trainer. It it is valid the pro from capital letter.

EURO - 2008

the Photo: from archive.

Hiddink knows, what speaks

- What forecasts for the European championship on football?
- Forecasts I do not do never., Of course, I will watch. How much in group of matches? Three? With Spain, Greece, Sweden? How much commands leave group? Two? (Reflects for a second). It is good, if Russia leaves group

is a maximum?
- But even Guus Hiddink speaks about it. What to us - to simple fans to argue.

the FILE

Maxim Sushinsky

Was born: on July, 1st, 1974 in Leningrad.

Weight: 79 kg

Growth: 172 sm

Achievements: the Master of sports of the international class, the world champion (2008), the silver prize-winner of the World championship (2002), the bronze prize-winner of the World championship (2007), the champion of Russia (2003 - 2004), the two-multiple owner of the Cup of the European champions (2005, 2006), the best player of the championship of Russia (2000, 2002, 2004).

the Nickname: the Sou - 33.

Marital status: it is married, spouse Alain, two daughters - Victoria - 12 years, Veronica - 1,5 years.