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Risen Masjanja has got to itself a blog

  Killed in the 100-th series of a popular animated cartoon of Masjanja has risen from ashes. And now actively submits the Internet - communities. Some days ago the personal diary of the ridiculous character has appeared in one of recently created blogger networks. So now the latest can communicate with Maskoj even teapots . That is that Masjanja, it is not necessary to doubt.

- This blog with Kuvayev this... Type it is co-ordinated and so on, - the heroine writes. - I observe of it.

a diary - on that and a diary. And to hide something from Masjanja which have glanced on its page does not gather. To the contrary, meets all curious numerous smilies and details of the life.

- greetings. I Masjanja. That, aha. Was born in Peter... That is St.-Petersburg where all zhist, a pancake, also I live successfully, - the heroine (the spelling is saved) writes. - School yes has finished... Which - as... :)) like... Though precisely I do not remember... Though like it and recently was... But the school is a sediment... Not cheerfully a fig there was... Here... And now I work in any offices... Everyone shnjagu I do... To work that nada... Here...

Masjanja notices that loves music everyone remarkable, cinema and interenetnovskie gadgets . Well, in general, all kajfovoe . And still wants to find pryntsa . Whom else, e - May?

but the most important thing - on a page of Masjani there was a new three-minute animated cartoon! Which admirers of the heroine already did not hope at all when - nibud to wait.

is, more shortly, the newest mult how Hrjundel stopped to smoke, - explains Masjanja. - its Kuvayev on mult. ru has laid out the day before yesterday, and I, appear, here I will be... A leah and chyo is impossible for me that? I want and spread... Tea is my physiognomy there is shone.

In the same place is and flesh - an animated cartoon where Masjanja escapes from octopuses and battles to mutants. Pleasures of the majority of Internet surfers simply are not present a limit!

however there were also opponents of such rising. For anybody not a secret that Masjanku have remembered for the sake of advertising. The author of the character Oleg Kuvayev of it does not deny. It has already made one roller with Masjanej advancing a new blog sphere among mullions-strong Internet users. In plans four more continuations. So a diary of the heroine - only a bait. And nevertheless it has helped to draw to the well-known animated cartoon about Masjanju continuation.

  - very long ago was not Masjansky multov, - Oleg Kuvayev on the page will confess. - sorry, but the sponsor - the advertiser normal was not (though, can, I nasty searched) and consequently it was necessary to be engaged in usual work - to do any commercials. Se lja vi.

the oldest users, it is sad sighing, remember now Kuvayev`s age-old promises not to dirty the favourite heroine any advancements.

- Multy are inviolable, - promised then Kuvayev to admirers. - the product should be qualitative, that is fair. Any pop-music, all is fair, and Maska advertises nothing. You will once break - and everything, will go on hands. Here it is necessary strictly.

but to see, all - taki has broken.  

Blog Masjani - http:// www. myspace. com/ masyanja



Music everyone remarkable strongly I love. In oshchem cinema and interenetnovskie any gadgets. Devices well and on a broader scale all kajfovoe

Music: everyone kajfovaja. Trip - hopchik, Laundzhik, Rokik, sometimes even metalchik in rare instances. Well eletronika everyone not stupid. In general, yes, the main thing that not the stupid! And not a pop-music! Well and any such it is melodious - abstruse sometimes. Under mood, the stub is clear.

Films: Here two criteria Powerful and cool. Powerful are that that of type about asteroids everyones, a fantasy or here romsticheso - epoch-making that - a thread. Well and cool it is clear that the such. pros comedies stupid happen often. As soon as in a comedy the first joke about perdyozh - at once I switch off. Without telling already about petrosjanovskie a joke about mothers-in-law... br - r - r - r - r an ideal comedy - Sacred Graal Monti Pajtonov

TV: Not especially. Very seldom I look. A current if absolutely laziness brains to move. Well or if multy what - a thread styobnye show

Books: Ljulju any Finns and vashche skndinavov. Type of Erlenda Lu. They braked - for that in time tormaza have time about to think many. Though not only Finns. Bulgakov - that vashche super for example. In general different under mood. A current the author not the bore and not the square was

Orientation: geteroseksual

Belief: the atheist

Zodiac sign: Scales

Children: yet has not solved

Education: The unfinished higher

the Trade: the Mexican

the Income: I will not tell