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Visitors of the Kemerovo regional hospital doctor Ajbolit

now meets Such gift physicians have made by anniversary of a native city and area. The sculpture consists of a figure of the doctor of golden colour and a wooden shop. And if near to strict the uncle in a medical dressing gown to sit down, it is possible to receive free inspection. Very attentively he looks on casual patients that also look will ask: On what complain?

- our head physician became the Initiator of idea, - have told in regional hospital. - till now in Kuzbas there was no monument to doctors, and here it has appeared, moreover and such amusing.

All interested persons can be photographed with the doctor

Really, amusing! For certain now a release it will not be to be photographed from interested persons on its background! And has modeled metal Ajbolita young Kemerovo sculptor Alexey Shkljar. Small additions will bring in a composition and physicians. Very soon on a shop there will be a tablet calling kemerovchan and city visitors to a healthy way of life.

the Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN