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The comedy about football prophesies victory in the World championship

In hire there was a new film of the author of many national features : hunting, fishings, politicians of avenue This time the director undertook other column of the Russian validity - football. One of these days starts the European championship. Probably, officials of the Russian football union have decided to warm up interest to this event. They were converted to Rogozhkinu with the offer to shoot a comedy about football. However from cooperation the author of a film has appeared not in delight.

is there was an adventure at its finest! Terms and financing have been limited, any arrangements has not been made. But we have gritted teeth and have removed Game - director Alexander ROGOZHKIN admitted. - When I have begun work has decided that it will be a utopia. But that, at which is real lines. After all I too dream of that our football players have lifted a cup of world champions over the heads. Money was absolutely just barely enough. An example? For shootings the smart cabriolet was necessary to us, Rogozhkin tells. - That it to get, we have gone to a motor show where have prevailed upon the owner to give to us lotus . However, it has appeared not so happy. All time when we shot scenes with it, there was a rain. The roof at it not automatic to put it it is difficult enough. Therefore we had to drag with ourselves an umbrella. Smart lotus with an umbrella above looked juicy enough. While we went in such kind of two hundred metres on Garden, there were three failures. Thank God, frivolous.

a film about football, but that the most interesting, it is that on shots and is not present.

- we also did not have a problem to remove game, - the director has explained. - any of actors cannot play in the field as the professional football player. It will not be that game which we see in the field. If you want to take pleasure in football go better on stadium or at least look at match translation on the TV. Any professional will find faults of work of the layman. If have shown the most abrupt pornofilm to the professional prostitute, it all the same would find there a heap of any m - m - m discrepancies.
Alexey Buldakov will make laugh and this time.
a photo: Timur of KHANS

One of leading roles in to Game Alexey Buldakov has played. It represented football a film in Northern capital. Also has especially noted successes of ours sine - it is white - blue:

-   I am convinced that we have a potential of the big, world level. A vivid example - Zenith . The club really shows game of world level. It is necessary to believe in itself and not to be afraid! Pitertsy it have proved.

about WHAT the FILM

In to Game the Russian national team on football achieves impossible - reaches the final the World championship of 2018. All action of a film is developed on training base. Players there train and all work those who helps them to win: trainers, managers, doctors, watchmen and even cleaners. The destiny of a decisive match depends on these people. All of them are selflessly betrayed to football. But here on base start to occur strange, and at times and funny events. Someone wants to derive the benefit from an event, someone, to the contrary, to help...

Photos from shootings are accessible here