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State of emergency in Votervile : to victims will pay on 5000 roubles

After state of emergency in an aquapark which happens on March, 26th (from   28, on March, 29th, 2, on April, 4th, 5, on May, 22nd) an aquapark Votervil has been closed. We will remind, then from - for excess of disinfecting substances in water has suffered more than two hundred persons, the majority of them - children. Rospotrebnadzor has closed an institution. And here after two months it open.

- it is full some water, is repaired and waits for visitors, - the general managing director of the Hotel complex " has declared; Baltic Christian MAYER. -   we have strengthened control over security and are assured, state of emergency will not repeat any more.  

owners have assured that now technicians of an aquapark will be where more steadfastly to watch a water status. If before test removed time at four o`clock, now - everyone two. And on an aquapark site begin to hang out results of these tests that each interested person could familiarise with them.

- we did not hurry up with opening to make sure that that`s OK, - Mayer has told. -   huge work with state structures Was spent. All hardware now under control of advisers from Germany.

according to the main German adviser Buro of Vakh, an aquapark have translated to new Italian system of water supply and have established other line on disinfection and filtrations. The granulated chlorine which disinfected water, have replaced with a liquid reagent of new generation - gipohlorit sodium. It is more safe.

- similar cases occur and in other countries, - has told Vakh. - fortunately, in the second time in the same institutions of state of emergency do not repeat.

meanwhile the aquapark management at last has sounded the version of why in pools that ill-starred day the panic has begun.

- We do not deny the fault, but we object to that all has occurred from - for one factor, - Christian Mayer has explained. - in - the first, there was a failure   in work of ventilating system. In - the second, all windows in an aquapark have been at that point in time closed. Chlorine use in water was in the top admissible borders. As a result air saturation was condensed, and to people with hypersensibility it became bad. And the others of 600 persons bathing in the same water, were in a perfect status and did not want to leave from - for the bought subscriptions.

behind damage indemnification into an aquapark it was converted 31 persons. Also it has been brought an action three claims one of which will consider within the next few days. The final decision about indemnifications was not. But Votervil promises to pay money before investigation end. Indemnification sum according to Consumers union recommendations will make five thousand roubles on the person.  

the Special commission will finish check of an aquapark in the end of the next week. And here the Office of Public Prosecutor still will continue investigation.