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In the summer ice-cream in Petersburg will rise in price for 30 %

By tradition in last dates of May in a city on Neva the ice-cream feast is had. Trade there without trading nakrutok, and a choice huge. But here will find then this product at the old price already difficultly. And anything surprising here is not present. All rises in price, here and manufacturers of ice-cream have solved   to lift cost of the goods. As socially significant this product is not included into the list and a frost of the prices on morozhennoe does not extend.

manufacturers plan to raise the prices from the beginning of summer on the average on 15 - 20 %. It approximately on two roubles for a portion. But on so much sweet will rise in price before getting to sellers. Dealers not begin to be over-modest and will throw from above 10 more - 15 %. So for a glass of ice cream which now costs ten roubles, in June you will already give 13 one rubles. And 25 - the rouble tubule will pull on 32 roubles.

- Dried milk since last year has risen in price almost twice, - the general director of the Union morozhenshchikov Russia Valery ELHOV makes comments on a situation. - butter, fuel Grows in the price, and it is all is put in the ice-cream price. Many enterprises work on a profitability limit. It is possible to make, of course, production more cheaply. But only at the expense of quality. To use chemical substitutes and aromatizatory, instead of natural products. But we do not want to go on this way.

we too would not like it. Petersburg ice-cream always was famous all over the country. For example, thanks to its natural butter it was possible to eat even in a frost and not to catch a cold. But also to pay it is more now not all are ready. Now not each parent can allow to buy to the child of an eskimo on a stick. And what for the childhood without ice-cream?

- Perhaps city administration to make one - two grades social? - Our reader Nelli Batoroeva has offered. - At least unpretentious glasses. Pensioners after all too would like to regale though sometimes. And at children from needy families it would not be desirable to select small children`s pleasures.


this year the city feast of ice-cream will pass in Petersburg on May, 31st and on June, 1st with 10. 00 to 19. 00 on the areas: Lenin, Moscow and Ostrovsky. Organizers promise not only the reasonable prices, but also the free entertaining program.