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George Burkov lead up to a hysterics one phrase

At Burkov`s cinema invited much and willingly. On its bill more than 60 film roles, and their considerable part is necessary on the pictures which have been removed on Lenfilm . From the most known - Ovens - shops Old men - robbers Garage a good luck Zigzag .

As you now to name?

George Burkov comes from Ural Mountains. Was born in Perm. Say, what exactly there a surname of the actor uttered correctly, with an accent on the first syllable. And George Ivanovich when it was represented to somebody, spoke so. This feature of a pronunciation was and at its friend Vasily Makarovicha Shukshin. It, truth, the Siberian, but in its Joints all were converted to it Shukshin . With an accent on the first syllable. Here such it has turned out uralo - the Siberian sheaf.

the Naked actor was not pleasant to pensioners

Thirty years ago on Lenfilm have removed the film story the Person to whom carried . Ordered parade director Konstantin Ershov. For a leading role of geologist Vladimir Ishutina he long enough searched for the actor. The hand-written handsome man, and a little bit the inconsistent person for whom has put above all was required not. One more detail. Ershov by all means would like, that it there was its fellow countryman. Therefore when assistants have offered Burkov`s nominee, the pleasure of the director was not a limit - both that and another have appeared permjakami.

the Most interesting has occurred during print preview before starting a tape in cinemas. We will notice, the film has been confirmed by then by all possible commissions. In one of episodes Burkov`s hero in what mother has given birth comes iskupnutsja into small lake. Anything, apparently, the reprehensible. But it was necessary to be lighted to light in a hall, it is unexpected zavozmushchalis kritikessy pension age: Same it is necessary, what a handsome man has found. What for it naked has shown it? A disgrace! We would understand, if Alain Delon or Robert Redford naked went. In such kind on the screen it is impossible to start up a film! threatened even to write the letter where follows . But them have calmed, the complaint has not taken place, a scene did not begin to cut out.

loved unexpected draws

to the Leningrad actor Yury Solovevu with George Burkov has had the luck to play several pictures.

- very not ordinary person was George Ivanovich, - he remembers. - and what hohmach! Liked to pin up directly during shootings. And often used not standard lexicon that was more cheerful. Some simply ran into a stupor from unexpectedness and could not think that to it to respond. I was trapped twice. But has solved: Necessarily I will revenge . And here such case was presented. In a film the Trade - the inspector I played the chief of militia, and Burkov - the inspector. There is an interrogation of the suspect. Under the scenario my character speaks silently - silently any phrase on an ear to Burkov. Well I also whisper to it: Give all this business we will send on three letters and we will go on hundred gramme derjabnem . Did not expect that my words will call such reaction! Burkov hardly from a chair has not fallen down. Has seized for a stomach and laughed loudly minutes five. Shootings should be stopped.

the second amusing story has occurred during shootings of a picture of Sergey Bondarchuk They battled for the Native land . I had to play this film instead of suddenly died Vasily Shukshin. In a picture a duet Lopahina (Shukshin) and Kopytovsky (Burkov) was the best. And here Lopahin who is played already by me, goes to village, in the house to the mistress that that has fed up tell-tales. Soon it comes back in a dugout with a huge shiner under an eye. Lays down under a blanket, nearby Kopytovsky. And he speaks: Yes - and - and, h from you the lover has turned out . Bondarchuk resolved such expressions - all the same then a sound rewrote. But there were this time complexities. In tone - studios actors simply rolled with laughter, when it was necessary to speak in a microphone. The floor-mat was not cleaned, though you burst - on lips it was visible that he mutters. Hardly - have hardly coped with an articulation. To look at this scene it is possible on video - a roller.

not played role

the Role of the president of a dump in a tragicomedy Heavens promised Valentine Gaft has played. And after all it could become top of creativity of George Burkov. The picture scenario in the co-authorship with Eldarom Ryazanov thought out Genrietta Altman (she lived in due time near Leningrad, has then emigrated from the country. - a bus comment) . Knowing, on what the actor is capable, they and wrote the protagonist counting on George Ivanovicha`s creative abilities. With Burkov have discussed all details. It has given OK.

and here the scenario is ready. But it was necessary such to happen - to the actor there was an accident. It has fallen from a ladder when climbed in a case behind the book in the library. Has broken a hip. Ryazanov has forwarded through the spouse of the actor the text directly to hospital chamber. Burkov with pleasure had control over treasured pages. Even asked doctors to perform faster operation. ahead at me very important work! - he spoke to doctors.

nobody could assume that in three days after operation, Burkov does not become. At the actor the blood clot has come off.

HAS gone To the PEOPLE

Allow me on behalf of a table

After an exit of films with Burkov`s participation, the phrases told by its heroes, instantly dispersed on citations.

For example, rjazanovskie Old men - robbers . When its regional public prosecutor Fedjaev once again appeared before the colleagues with wounds on the person he on a mute question that has occurred, immutably responded: the Gangster bullet .

In a lyrical comedy From life having a rest its hero - the cook of one of embassies. But anywhere and everywhere Burkov`s character is represented the diplomat. Telling about labour everyday life of a diplomatic mission, it sentenced: I Come as - that time to department, and suddenly .

Burkov`s One more hero - the field investigator in a teleserial the Trade - the inspector had the introduction: Let`s not be nervous and slowly in all we will understand . The tongue-tied father-in-law from a photoplay Old New year began the toast such words: Allow me on behalf of a table .



Was born on May, 31st, 1933 in Perm. Studied on faculty of law of the Perm state university, then in vesper studio at the Perm dramatic theatre. Worked at theatres of Perm, Kemerovo. In Moscow ministered at Theatre of a name of Stanislavsky, the Contemporary MHATe, Theatre of a name of Pushkin. In 1980 to Burkov the rank of the honoured artist of RSFSR has been appropriated. Has died on July, 19th, 1990. It is buried on the Vagankovsky cemetery.
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