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Cash desk money on unemployment of Estonia has burnt down in mortgage crisis of the USA

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For two years of cooperation   to investment bank Fortis Investments and   Estonian Cash desk on unemployment managed to receive instead of profit of 24 million crones of losses.

Operating Cash desk property on unemployment to investment bank Fortis Investments (its former name was ABN Amro), since the end of last year, it was necessary to write off 40 billion crones.   representative Fortis Investments did not trade directly in the USA, but last year third of money of Cash desk on unemployment   has enclosed   in the markets of the USA. we are not connected directly with mortgage crisis in the USA - has informed bank through the London office.

Representative Fortis Investments has informed that the Cash desk portfolio copes separately from all resources of bank. Property the command from five persons which is in London operates. The command responds not only for pair billions Cash desk on unemployment, but also for 470 billion clients of bank.

the Adviser of Cash desk for unemployment of Ago Lauri has told that the Cash desk on unemployment makes with money in a month on one hundred transactions. All transactions are not accessible to the public as it is trade secret Fortis.

Cash desk Expectations on unemployment were much more. Last year the organisation waited for incomes of investments in 85 million crones, and it has turned out 4 million losses. This year it was expected that the income will make 115 million crones, but in the first quarter was a minus 26   millions crones, informs a portal   newspapers Business   sheets .