Rus News Journal

The court enforcement officer has struck the militiaman. Also has hit in races

Militia together with department of own security of service of court enforcement officers of area it was knocked down. They search and cannot find the court enforcement officer - the executor from Rudni which have struck the inspector of traffic police, being on duty. Searches have joined also Demidovsky interdistrict investigatory department of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Smolensk region which has filed criminal charges to signs of structure of the crime provided p.1 item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( application of violence concerning the representative of the power ) .

Incident has occurred in Rudne. The court enforcement officer going on the car - the executor has been stopped by employees of traffic police for check of documents. The reason of detention of the car was more than weighty - the driver went much faster, than it is necessary. At check besides it has appeared that the man is deprived the right of management by a vehicle. And when it communicated with the inspector of traffic police, last has clearly felt that from the interlocutor smells as alcohol. Militiamen have demanded the driver to drive on survey. The court enforcement officer has refused.

Employees of traffic police in connection with absence in a city of penal parking for cars have suggested to drive away the car. It has been decided to deliver the car to the father of the infringer. However, having arrived into place and leaving the car, the police officer has led more than inadequately. He has punched one of militiamen in a head then has disappeared in the house of the father. Subsequently the summons has been sent it, however to the inspector for evidence the police officer and was not. It was not and for work, and till now is in hiding.