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Brick-works in the Soviet area plan to start by 2013

One year ago, on June, 21st, 2007 governors of the Kirov and Nizhniy Novgorod areas the decision on preparation of materials on building inspection in the Soviet area of cement works was accepted, the newspaper " informs; Vjatsky edge .

Since August of the same year, it is possible to tell, conducts the history of Open Society VolgoVjattsemnet in which creation participated the Chimbulatsky open-cast mine Nizhegorodinzhenerstroj and the investor - Moscow Building management 155 . According to experts, VolgoVjattsement will be the proprietor of a new industrial complex into whom will enter factory on manufacture approximately 2,5 million tons of cement a year, factories of ferro-concrete products and on manufacture of dry mixes.

a raw-material base - the Beresnjatsky deposit of limestones. Their deposits will suffice a complex of years on fifty. Presumably, investments into manufacture should make 9,7 billion roubles. Financing - at the expense of private investments and credits. A lot of time will leave on preparatory and civil work. So input of an industrial complex is planned not earlier than 2013. Besides, it is necessary to construct a branch line, a transmission line, to spend gas, the newspaper " informs; the Vjatsky observer .