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Near Tula during doctrines rescuers struggled with « the spread chlorine »

In Kimovsky area of the Tula area have passed doctrines of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures a legend for which to the last kept a secret, informs tula . rfn . ru . Rescuers had to liquidate consequences failures : the car which has turned over on road transported hazardous to health chlorine. When the car has turned over, there was a real threat for life and health of people.

Both rescuers, and the firemen connected during doctrines, militia, first aid and even power to which it was necessary to restore the hurt lines of a support of transfers have coped with the task perfectly well. Such scale uchenijaorganizujut once in five years.

All protses has occupied an order of hour. In review have accepted uchastiesotrudniki sixteen organisations. They passed tests on nadevanijuprotivogazov and to knowledge of the theory.