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In Kyrgyzstan will study religious conditions.

the commission created on eve on studying of a religious situation in the country will begin the work with a trip on regions.

deputies have taken part in session work Zajnidin Kurmanov heading committee under the constitutional legislation, a state system, legality and human rights, the head of committee by training, a science, culture and the information policy of Isa Omurkulov, and also deputies of Parhat Tulendybaev, Gulnara Derbisheva and Gulzhamal Sultanalieva.


At session the information of the head of the State committee of national security of KR Murata Sutalinova, the report of the director of the State agency on affairs of religions of Kanybeka Osmonalieva and performance of the chairman of the State committee on migration and employment of Ajgul Ryskulovoj is heard.


In the end of session the decision on visitation by members of working group of regions that on places to communicate to heads of the organisations representing various religious trends is accepted. Into structure of this commission will enter not only deputies of Zhogorku Kenesha, but also on one representative from GKNB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministries of Justice, the Ministries of Education and Science, State agencies on affairs of religions and Goskommigratsii KR.


Murat Sutalinov has suggested to include the culture and information Ministry, the State broadcasting company and State Office of Public Prosecutor KR in this list. Under the offer of the deputy minister of internal affairs of KR Melisa Turganbaeva, the commission also will include the representative of the Sovereign court of the country.