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The assistant to the president: Russia will achieve cancellation of visas to Europe

Russia will achieve cancellation of a visa regime for citizens of the Russian Federation at trips to the European Union countries. Visa-free entrance to Europe   - a strategic target for Russia, - the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Prihodko has declared today.

For us the prompt transition to a visa-free regime with the European countries is a strategic problem. It not the slogan - already all understand that it is a reality is one of tools of expansion of communications. There is begun work at the expert level, the first results of dialogue under visas instal certain optimism. We will consider this subject and we will accent that Russia is ready to pass the part of a way. In parallel there is a work on implementatsii the agreement which have come into force on July, 1st, 2007 Russia - EU about simplification of the issue of visas, creating necessary preconditions for transition to a visa-free regime. Some sessions of joint committee on supervision over performance of the agreement for the purpose of elimination of different interpretations in expounding of separate positions of the document " have been spent; - Sergey Prihodko has explained.

He has added that the question on simplification of a visa regime will be discussed with EU at the summit Russia - EU in Hunts - Mansijske 26 - on June, 27th, informs RIA News .