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Today in the Euro semi-final - 2008 Germany and Turkey

Only three matches remains before the European championship termination on football in Austria and Switzerland! Both what?! Semi-finals and the ending! Today in 22 - 45 Moscow time in Basel the penultimate step on a way to triumph will be made by commands of Germany and Turkey. Winners of this meeting are waited for by a vacation package in the ending, and lost - the disappointment flavoured, truth, bronze medals of tournament. For any national team - the semifinalist, except Germany, “ bronze “ is a success, but now all, of course, would like bolshego.


So, Germany - Turkey. Fans already in split as in Germany lives simply - taki a large quantity a Turk. You do not think, what they will worry today about Germans? Work - work, but the Native land is not on sale … On it one of the Turkish football players, supporting " has hinted; Bavaria “ halfback Hamit Altyntop who has noticed that if to it will be possible to score a goal - it “ will rejoice more than ever, it will be simple in euphoria “. Rates in game are great! Participants of a duel voice hopes that rivalry will not pour out in provocation on a football ground and country streets …


Germans have occupied “ optimistically - careful “ a position. A pier, Turks are, of course, dangerous, but our place - in the ending. Autoconcern “ Mercedes - Benz “ and a number of other large enterprises have decided to stop manufacture for the period of a semifinal meeting - all it will be obvious not before work.


the Trainer bundestim the Lion when - that worked as Joahim in Turkey and fine knows as Turkish mentality, and personally rivals on a forthcoming match. He is assured that Turkey without fight will not surrender and, by the way, correctly does. The command of Fatiha Terima has established an eternal record on number of strong-willed victories on it Euro - for today them already three! They have won, conceding 0:1 - Switzerland, 0:2 for 15 minutes up to the end - Czechia and have managed to rescue a quarterfinal, having passed a goal from Croats one minute prior to the extra time termination. Improbably!


Probably from - for this fact nobody hurries in advance to write down Germany in finalists though the situation has. If Germans do not have any problems with structure at a Turk are ready to play only 14 persons, and it means that if doctors will not manage to put someone on feet - in the field as the field player there can be a third goalkeeper of the command Zengin! UEFA has already allowed to arrive Turkish national team thus if it is required …


In a word, where look - football is expected grasping. The intrigue bewitches, and level of emotions zashkalivet. In Germany - all conversations only about a semi-final. We will wish commands of beautiful and fair game, but someone will defeat one. Let it will be the strongest.


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Teletranslation - the First channel (K.Vybornov), NTV - Plus Football (V.Maslachenko)

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